Scala has implemented a digital signage network composed of more than 500 screens in 20 public health centres in Copenhagen. Through its Info-TV solution centralizes information to be sent to the viewing points.

Scala in health centres in Region Hovedstaden

The Government authority responsible for health care in the Region Hovedstaden (Capital Region) in Copenhagen (Denmark) has deployed a solution of digital signage, based on the technology of Scala, in the medical centers in the region. The network, called Info-TV, is a communication channel to each of the 20 medical centers in the area waiting areas.

This project has been realized by the local partner of Scala in the area, Ateawho has hosted solution in the central it Department, and from here the support of hardware and software to each of the facilities is provided. Atea has acted as a systems integrator, in cooperation with the Department of you of Region Hovedstaden, who have installed the centralized software Scala Content Manager.

Scala in health centres in Region Hovedstaden

“La solución de Scala se ejecuta en un servidor interno gestionado por el departamento de TI. Una vez que el sistema estuvo en funcionamiento, desarrollamos y ampliamos las plantillas para todos los media players, de acuerdo a las peticiones del cliente, y los integramos en la red del Region Hovedstaden”, explica Anders Rusbjerg Jensen, product manager de Atea.

This facility began in 2012 with the deployment of 400 players and screens, and, since then, the project has expanded to the 520 media player and a similar number of screens in 42 and 55-inch formats. The displays, installed in 'landscape' mode offer dynamic content and are located in the sanitary buildings entrances, lobbies and waiting rooms.

Scala in health centres in Region Hovedstaden

The different dynamic areas of the screen are updated regularly by a 'content management system', in the Department of communications. This person is responsible for providing the information requested by the different departments and integrate it in the templates within the Scala Content Manager.

The information that is displayed on the screens included preventive health measures, prevention of accidents, new services e-health (e-health), public hygiene, rights of patients, as well as everything related to the hospital and clinical Department in which is located in the patient, including information that affects the nurse or physician. Wait times are updated on a text of displacement that runs along the bottom of the screen.

Scala in health centres in Region Hovedstaden

Desde un punto de vista tecnológico, Scala fue elegido porque era una solución de señalización digital probada que podía manejar la complejidad del proyecto y proporcionar una fácil gestión de los contenidos en cada una de las pantallas procedente de diferentes broadcasters: la región, el hospital y el departamento clínico.

"We're managing 500 playlists and channels, and there are no two similar channels," says Jacob Simonsen, technical project leader and consultant of Region Hovedstaden. "They are many screens and Scala makes handling easy." Using Scala content manager and players, we can schedule, plan and manage different types of programming in a centralized way. Scala was the only provider that allowed us to handle and distribute this content within a network as wide as it is."

Info-TV acts as an information system centralized large scale to support a clear communication strategy throughout the region of the Danish capital.

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By • 14 Oct, 2014
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