The speakers Work Pro Neo series have been the option chosen by the Italian restaurant Baptist Martí for sound local which just opened in Valencia. Some speakers that are integrated with the design of the establishment and provide the requirements of sound that was needed.

Work Pro Bautista Marti Italy

Bautista Martí Italy is a recent opening in Antic Regne, one of the avenues of most central and busy in the city of Valencia, located between the districts of Cánovas and Ruzafa, which offers a wide gastronomic offer.

Taking into account the importance for the client had the decor and atmosphere of the place, the installer Systems 2 It relied on the Neo series loudspeakers of Work Prothat it is Equipson, for its sound, opting for its white version since they were better integrated with styling that raised local.

Work Pro Bautista Marti ItalyThe Neo series, comprised of 5 different types of passive loudspeakers, 2 active two-way and an active subwoofer, combines the sound quality with a compact design that facilitates their integration into a wide range of projects. Technically, these speakers are adapted to installations of low impedance and 100V line system installations. Support, specially designed for this series, allows you to install easily and orient it on both axes so that they cover the entire desired.

Work Pro Bautista Marti ItalyWith the objective of completing the Neo series, Work Pro recently launched intelligent speakers 5 IP NEO and NEO is 5. 5 IP has the particularity of having a high range IP (IP 65), so it is suitable for installations that require live sound from outside, such as terraces, since they resist weather conditions such as rain or wind.

For its part, the Neo 5 to is an active speaker that turns off automatically when there is no audio input signal, reducing their consumption to less than 1W of power in these circumstances. In this way, it is possible to improve performance and efficiency in such facilities.

Work Pro Bautista Marti Italy

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By • 24 Oct, 2014
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