Audiovisual solutions are protagonists in the newly renovated NH Eurobuilding Collection elements that you can see already in the front where the digital art in 3D and the reception that it covers a domed LED display of 300 square meters, has been used as well as the network of dynamic marketing there are installed throughout the hotel. All a technology bet that extends to other fields where innovation is the key.

NH Collection Eurobuilding Boveda4

The NH Eurobuilding Collection is one of the most emblematic hotels of Madrid and the flagship of the company in Spain, which has just be re-opened after three months of reforms. A renovation that has managed to be a radical change of the building and where technology has a major role in order to offer the customer a greater comfort and better service.

One of the most striking elements are the audiovisual techniques that have been used on the facade and lobby of the hotel. In the first case has fostered the image as the key through the digital 3D art, while a large transparent dome that covers her entire has been installed at the reception.

NH Collection Eurobuilding VaultWith its 300 square metres, the latter considered to be Europe's largest multimedia screen and the second domed screen (semi transparent) the world's largest. Equipped with sound, it it is possible to project images programmed.

For the construction of is dome have been precisado14.000 signal cable meters, 10,000 meters of high brightness 2.246.400 LEDs and LED aluminium profile. Its light chandelier kinetica DMX also is regarded as the largest in the world, surpassed in size by the of the closing ceremony of the 2014 Winter Olympics.

For its implementation, has been used LED technology with a unique design for NH Hotel Group, with curved cabinets that are adapted to the structure of the dome. LED lamp circuits design is also unique, with the printed circuit board white to minimize the visual impact.

This LED display curtain has been a project carried out by Fractalia using technology from Led&Go. Installed at 12 meters of height it is built by a digital resolution of 960 × 304 bracket and a pixel pitch of 30 mm.

The encapsulated type DIP, and the composition of the pixel pitch 2R2G2B ensure a high brightness associated with about 7,000 nits. Characteristics of the screen curtain and modular structure that constitute it, make that led display offers up to 40% of transparency, allowing the passage of daylight that enters through the hotel vault, achieving a spectacular effect When playing back content.

Led & Go has been responsible for making this LED display combining spectacular elements based on the Visual effects of the LED curtain and lighting, consisting of LED tubes that are synchronized with the music, all within one innovative line that seeks to integrate architecture with spectacular technological elements.

Hotel NH Led display Ledandgo

Digital art

In regards to the façade, it has arranged a piece of digital art with which it is possible to interact creating an artistic experience. The objective is to be a local claim to potential clients that allows you to associate the brand with a new model of hotel.

This piece of digital art also has a direct relationship with the climate of the city and shows, by default, the generative content produced by the developed software: from sunset onwards. All of this based on mathematical content that mimic the patterns of nature. It is a revolutionary initiative in Spain which aims to interact with the customer and get a direct connection.

In addition, the hotel has a complete network of dynamic marketing solutions that allow the display of all types of content on different classes of devices, whether television monitors, videowalls, screens fog, etc. As far as content is concerned, it is possible to display information in real-time state of the means of transport near to the hotel, very similar to the airports that provide, and also allows companies to make their brands through advertising the issuance of their logos in different formats.

NH Eurobuilding collection Meeting RoomLeading edge technologies for better service

Once inside the hotel have been integrated a variety of technology which aims to optimize the customer stay offering a better service.

The hotel has a WiFi network of high density that only tends to be common in high-end hotels or in areas with high concentration of devices, such as the Congress centres. It's an innovative dynamic and adaptive management system of network, pioneer in this sector.

To facilitate communication with the reception in a closer way, customers have tablets that, through a video service, can talk and see the hotel staff when required to perform a query. In addition, guests also have wireless Chargers with inductive load that are capable of transferring energy to the battery of the device. They have the Krion material that passes the LED light that indicates when it is loaded.

NH Collection EurobuildingOther service technologically innovative that has been installed at the hotel is a network of iBeacon sensors that provide proximity services. Thanks to this network of sensors, you know exactly the location in the interior of the hotel, and, therefore, provide personalized services for each guest or visitor in its own terminal. With this network, it is possible to offer products from the room, interact with attendees at a conference or receive offers custom mobile to sit in the cafeteria.

In regards to its 431 rooms, the NH Eurobuilding Collection wanted to provide them with a warm, close and friendly environment thanks to a customization based on the preferences of the customer including television with Ambilight and Dolby system Surround.

NH eurobuilding 2 collection
TelePresence Holographic

The NH Eurobuilding Collection is also intended as a centre to celebrate events and congresses. This building has 7,800 m² spread over 32 meeting rooms with natural light, notably the great Madrid room, an open space of 1,074 m² with a capacity for up to 1,000 people, both for meetings and events.

And when it comes to technology, the hotel is prepared for the implementation of this type of celebrations. Under the concept "NH Meetings: inspire, create, enjoy" provides a consistent experience for a sector that represents approximately 25% of the Group's earnings and that plays a very important role in the consolidation of NH Hotel Group in the medium term.

To respond to this demand account with the most advanced technologies as the holographic technique in 3D that can be present in an event or celebration, yet can physically attend.

In addition, the High Tech Made Easy offers an innovative system of holographic Telepresence, which will be launched as a pilot project in Madrid, Berlin, Milan and Rotterdam at an early stage. A solution that allows you to be in multiple locations, in real time, and participate and interact virtually in events from multiple locations, NH.

The NH Eurobuilding Collection has also implemented the system Smart RoomSystem for Microsoft Lync (SRS), a solution that combines video conferencing with interactive collaboration tools. This 'all in one' solution allows communication with video and high quality audio among the participants in meetings via Lync Online 2013 and offers the possibility to interact actively reviewing and modifying the content and data, at the same time. An initiative has been in macha at this location but that the company plans to expand to other 15 hotels before the end of the year.

NH Collection EurobuildingLiving Lab

Next to all these technological implementations, the NH Eurobuilding Collection has launched the Living Lab initiative, which makes this establishment a living laboratory, something that the company qualifies as a "completely pioneer and so far" unknown in the industry, where are startups and avant-garde ideas in order to make them reality. It's a bet breaker, global reach, a leader in the hospitality industry technology".

With this project, the NH Eurobuilding Collection wants to become a reference and a platform for demonstration and experimentation for the deployment of technologies in the hotel sector, making it in the field of technological tests of the company and transforming services and hotel space in a digital environment. Through exploration, co-creation, experimentation and evaluation is to attract customers to an environment of continuous innovation.

The Living Lab bet is based on three fundamental pillars: technological tests in one real environment both in the common areas, as in the four rooms Living Lab where customers can try innovative technologies, startups, and open innovation Accelerator within the NH community.

The accelerator of startups is a space aimed at the search for and promotion of the entrepreneurial talent to promote and accelerate projects pioneers applied to the hospitality industry, through programs of six months. Moreover, the open innovation will take place through the empowerment of startups of the own employees and innovation within the NH community contests.

For the implementation of this project, the NH Hotel Group has counted with the collaboration of different technology partners like Microsoft, Philips, group Porcelanosa & industries Arla, Insight & Splash, Fractalia, Musion, Proximus, LDC, Swisscom, Idemvisual, CloudCasting and CSA.

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