The new headquarters of NPR in Washington has several screens located in the lobby of the building, as well as a large digital Tower, a large video wall and screen ticker located at the entrance. A project that has been powered by Scala and Sansi, and the supervision of the consultant design Poulin + Morris.

Scala NPR Washington

NPR, known as National Public Radio, is an organization that produces and distributes news at national and global levels with an audience of 26 million listeners a week. When this chain of communication decided to move its headquarters to Washington, it was clear that media were going to be the key element of the new headquarters.

The building incorporates multiple appearances that have been designed under the supervision of the consultant design Poulin + Morris, which include a large video wall and a digital Tower ticker screens located abroad.

The most impressive element of this facility is a large video wall (Mosaic Media Wall) that occupies a whole wall, from ceiling to floor, is composed of LED screens of various sizes with rectangular arrays of Sansi (Sansi North America - SNA). Sansi screens, with its high density of pixels, high gloss, and narrow bevels, offer high-definition images with a great impact for the configuration of large murals.

For the average Wall Mosaic, the software of Scala It allows a variety of information about music, art and life, as well as news displayed on partial, single or multiple screens within the walls. During the workday, also plays the role of wayfinder, providing addresses and displaying a calendar with the events will be held.

The software allows the grouping of elements according to their classification, use of text or images in motion, with the option to have overlapping information ticker. Formatting is dynamic to doing a sweep of images from one side to another of the wall in order to capture the visual attention.

In addition, it is also possible to set the duration time and when it will begin and end programming. This allows control over the time displayed a story before being replaced by another.

Scala NPR Washington

Icon Tower/screen ticker

Outside the building is NPR Icon Tower, an impressive screen of 16.76 meters in height which gives way to the entrance lobby. Thanks to LED technology, it is possible to see the sound waves represented. The screen ticker which are fed in real time by three news RSS feed is located at the entrance.

For Icon Tower, located at the front of the building, the versatility of Scala allows animation to be rotating with different colors and that increase or reduce the opacity of the logo according to the light conditions. Scala also controls and is responsible for feeding the ticker located at the front of the building and synchronize their contents that appears on the Media Wall Mosaic.

Back to the interior of the building, the Scala software controls a screen placed outside the elevator in the lobby, which is used exclusively for corporate communications and of the employees, as well as six touch-screens located in the same location, which is in charge of promoting interaction with visitors, and a Board of information that shows recognition to donors of NPR.

Scala software was integrated into the different displays to help manage, schedule, and deliver content to all the elements of the installation.

Scala NPR Washington

Implementation of the project

The project was deployed and managed by the Scala certified partner, Imperatives. The hardware responsible for playback of digital signage in the background is a mixture of mounting rack and mini-PC Nexlink systems of Seneca Dataconfigured with graphics cards from Nvidia.

Imperatives has designed and implemented the necessary scripts, templates, and schedules from the outset and then trained the NPR staff to use, modify and create your own account. This has made NPR to become self-sufficient.

Scala software provides the means to map of NPR content through LED mosaic within media mosaic wall, allowing the development of different Visual expressions through the LED modules for each section which is co n the NPR web site.

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By • 27 Oct, 2014
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