The platform for digital signage which has implemented the Minneapolis Convention Center integrates two screens LED NanoCurve 5 mm covering an area of 1.5 x 27.4 meters. An investment waiting is redemption in a short period of time thanks to the dynamic advertising offering on them.

Nanolumens Minneapolis Convention Center

With its 475,000 square meters Exhibition Hall, an auditorium for 3,400 seats, 87 meeting rooms and two classrooms, the center of Minneapolis Convention (MCC) has become one of the most popular places in the area to hold business events entertainment productions, as well as social and civic functions. In addition, provides an ideal place for advertisers to reach their target audience, through an attractive medium.

To achieve this ultimate goal, the MCC has installed a platform of digital signage with the aid of NanoLumens It has provided two screens LED NanoCurve 5 mm covering an area of 1.5 x 27.4 meters. The company responsible for installing this equipment has been the Integrator Tierney Brothers.

"The LED NanoCurve are thin and light, suitable for spaces that require large format screens as the MCC, where they provide maximum visibility to all and each of the visitors who come, becoming the ideal for advertisers," he explains. Nathan Remmes, Vice President of Marketing & Business Development of NanoLumens.

Nanolumens Minneapolis Convention Center

These displays deliver bright, realistic, striking, even when implanted in environments where there is an excess of artificial light. On the other hand, they are designed with the environment in mind since they are built with materials recycling.

Tierney Brothers has installed two screens LED Nano Curve in the main hall of the visitor center, offering a location that is remote by all who enter the building. This support provides a source of extra income by advertising to the MCC and when ads are not showing serves as informational support about the company and events that are expected to perform.

"NanoLumens screens create a clear and detailed image that transforms the main hall into a visual showcase of 21st century technology. In the past, we have been limited by the size of the screens. NanoLumens offers a truly continuous large-scale LED display system and with its ability to bend into curves can be installed in more sophisticated designs. In addition, we hope that investment that has made MCC in digital signage is redemption in a short period of time, thanks to the publicity,"says Tierney Brothers Derek Burns.

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By • 10 Nov, 2014
• Section: Study cases, OUTSTANDING, Digital signage, Display, dynamic Advertising