Smart City Expo World Congress 2014 is focusing the proposals concerning global development of intelligent cities, as the Abertis Telecom, presenting these days management and public and private mobility platforms to improve the management of cities, as its application iCity.

Smart City Congress 2014

The Spanish company's infrastructure and telecommunications Abertis Telecom participates in Smart City Expo World Congress 2014 (booth 511), which takes place at the Fira de Barcelona, with platforms management and mobility in search of better management and efficiency of cities through applications like the iCity app, which allows you to manage from It is direct both public transport and private.

In addition, this proposal for services of Abertis Telecom to improve the lives of citizens in the urban environment is combined with a model of efficient management for smart cities as the one already presented in the latest edition of Mobile World Congress, with the LPWA network (low power wide area-baja power and long range) on the basis of the technology offered by Sigfox, specifically designed to exploit the potential of the Internet of things (Internet of Things - IoT).

Abertis Smart City Congress 2014This network has already been deployed throughout the country and currently has more than 1,200 sites active, making it the largest network dedicated to the IoT of Europe, in order to solve the existing problems up to now for the deployment of this solutions with the use of devices based on batteries for very long periods (even years) and eliminate the need to deploy a network of repeaters and Gateways throughout the city, allowing that the sensor to communicate directly with the already-deployed network.

Abertis Telecom advocates a model of management of urban infrastructure in which the active (fixed communications networks) and wireless internet access networks, both passive (roofs and urban furniture), is the key to the full development and deployment of the Smart City concept.

Abertis Telecom SpainIn this sense, the operator has offered some details about the management model for active and passive communication infrastructures of Barcelona, which will allow this city to deploy its policies of efficiency in the management of municipal resources.

Modular offer of its SmartBrain platform, which integrates all modules of the so-called 'operative system of city', is also one of the pillars of the company's presence at this Congress.

Other applications that have been presented are the pilot of a smart car park connected to the network to IoT, which has been launched in the District of Les Corts in Barcelona and more Spain public WiFi network Premium services.

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By • 20 Nov, 2014
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