Compatible with HDBaseT, Roland has developed a new transmitter and receiver, HT-TX01 and HT-RX01 models, respectively, which are profiled as a complement to its new line of XS audio/video arrays.

Roland HT-TX01 and HT-RX01

The new HT-TX01 HDBaseT transmitter and HT-RX01 HDBaseT receiver are the latest developments in Roland, which convert HDBaseT signals to and from an HDMI, which thanks to this compatibility are also added to the recently presented series of XS audio/video arrays of this manufacturer.

Designed to support rS-232 audio, video and control over a cable up to 100 meters Cat5/6e, this new transmitter and receiver are an ideal solution for extending HDMI signals over long distances, both in live productions and in fixed applications.

In addition, the HT-RX01 fits perfectly as an HDBaseT signal receiver from any Roland Multi-Format Audio/Video matrix in the XS series. In this combination it is possible to transmit RS-232 via the Cat5/6e cable using a specific one provided with the converter, to subsequently obtain that RS-232 on the receiver.

These new Roland HDBaseT products are HDCP compliant and support signals up to 1,080p and WUXGA via HDMI to connect cameras, computers, Blu-ray, mixers and other sources to LCD monitors, projectors and other devices a hundred meters away, very advantageous for audio/video signal runs for installations in large spaces.

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By • 24 Nov, 2014
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