As part of its strategy of internationalization of its communication services based on neuroscientific analysis, the Spanish company Sociograph Neuromarketing has opened offices in Mexico City, from where will boost its technology in the markets of Latin America and United States.

Sociograph Neuromarketing

The new office of the consulting firm Sociograph Neuromarketingspecializing in communication analysis-based neuroscientist based in the Spanish city of Palencia, is located in the capital of Mexico, in the Santa Fe Avenue, 94 and has a specialized team to publicize your analysis services neuroscientist at sectors business, training, etc. both in Latin America and United States.

As perpetrators, "after several months of work, strategic plans and meetings already are providing our services in America. We have already closed some accounts, but as it could not be otherwise, we are with agenda to limit meetings and appointments with large companies interested in its communication neuroscientist analysis at all levels."

Icon Multimedia Sociograph

This company's technology is based on the tool Sociograph, a patent developed with the Spanish company Icon Multimedia and the University of Salamanca, which is based on the measurement through individual sensors connected to the hand of each subject, which forms the so-called study, activity group Electrodermal (EDA), on joint processing and in real time, from a model of time series analysis.

This new methodology offers an objective and quantitative analysis of the activity of the Group (up to 128 people), in its manifestations of group attention and emotional reactions, which makes it possible to approach to non-observable phenomena to the time or hardly quantifiable. Information in real time, is called immediately the functioning of the group, with a record Psychophysiological and digitalized produced by the interaction between the members of a group.

"Our technology has already crossed the pond and threatens to continue growing - to ensure those responsible for Sociograph Neuromarketing-. There is no us nothing but thank all of our customers, that it have been, those who are and those who will, support and the trust you have placed in our company".

Icon Multimedia Sociograph

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By • 1 Dec, 2014
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