Circular indoor screen 38 square meters has been installed by Led & Go in the trough of Madrid. A support digital signage, which is 15 meters high, offering a visual surface 360 ​​on which content-made measures, managed by Clear Channel, which combine advertising and informational messages are displayed own shopping center.

Circular screen LedGo in La Vaguada

La Vaguada shopping center, located in the district of Fuencarral of Madrid, chairs its lobby with a large screen of 38 square meters in the form of a circular crown. A project that was commissioned by the CBRE group Led&Go which he has been responsible for design, production and installation.

This LED screen 19.5 meters in circumference is constructed indoor technology, a pixel pitch of 7.62 mm and SMD package 3528. However, their most representative features is in the support is provided by the design as annulus which enables playing content on a surface covering 360 ° of vision.

Circular screen LedGo in La Vaguada

The curvature of this solution Led & Go is achieved by the design and development of cabinets made to measure, in conjunction with modules of reduced dimensions, form a polyhedral surface with small faces when viewed at a distance provide the perception of a total curvature .

Overall, the dimensions of the screen and the resolution used for design (pixel pitch) result in a solution of 2560 x 256 pixels with a brightness of 2000 nit, in a continuous round screen, which represents a challenge for content playback. This challenge has been overcome by the implementation of a system adapted to the requirements and contents facts as they are managed by Clear ChannelAnd combining advertising informational messages own shopping center.

Circular screen LedGo in La Vaguada

The support structure of the screen located at the same at a height of approximately 15 meters, taking advantage of pre-existing structural elements and new related developments. This situation, height and above the escalators, has made the bracket installation supposed a challenge complex.

Regarding the structure, this was designed and manufactured as taking the necessary considerations to facilitate the work of installation and maintenance of the screen. The structure has on the inside with an accessible walkway from the roof area to avoid the requirements of aids and other complexities that are needed for maintenance.

As for aesthetics, the bottom of the screen cylinder base has been coated with methacrylates with the logo of the Center aim to keep the aesthetics of the center and respecting your brand image.

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By • 3 Dec, 2014
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