As is customary, prior to the official opening of ISE 2015 day, the Amsterdam RAI will host the third edition of Smart Building Conference, whose registration period is now open, which will address this year's digital transformation of the hand of founder and CEO Oblong Industries, John Undrkoffler, and his known work at MIT on the future display systems.

Oblong Industries Smart Building Conference 2015

Professionals interested in listening to the leading European experts in intelligent buildings and rooms and integrated systems have the same open enrollment period to attend the third edition of the Smart Building Conference (SBC), Held annually the day before the opening of doors of the Amsterdam RAI to launch a new edition of Integrated Systems Europe (IF), 10 to 12 February 2015.

Smart Building Conference, an event created by ISE in collaboration with associations InfoComm International Y CediaWill offer next February 9 a practical vision of the future of the audiovisual industry in a networked world, with plenary sessions, workshops and presentations on practical applications in intelligent, commercial and residential buildings to be held throughout the day.

John Underkoffler CEO Oblong IndustriesThe inaugural lecture of this year held John Underkoffler (pictured), founder and CEO Oblong IndustriesWhich will focus on innovation in display systems to improve collaboration in the rooms and workspaces (see attached video), whose work at MIT was the basis for creating futuristic screens the film 'Minority Report', of tom Cruise.

Como señala Bob Snyder, presidente de la conferencia y editor de Channel Media Europe, Smart Building Conference “mostrará y detallará cómo se está produciendo el cambio digital en la industria de la construcción; el mismo que se produjo con la migración de la tecnología analógica a la digital en el entorno audiovisual. La transformación a una red troncal digital para el control y gestión de edificios está cambiando el ambiente en el que operan las soluciones AV en los entornos de trabajo, ofreciendo una nueva oportunidad de negocio para los integradores de este sector”.

Another prominent speakers at Smart Building Conference 2015 is the Dutch international lighting designer Rogier van der Heide, awarded for his work in architectural lighting and work at companies like Royal Philips Y Zumtobel, Who will address developments in this industry with increasingly intelligent and managed systems.

Among the topics featured in this event Amsterdam include Internet of Things (IoT) and communication in public spaces, what evolution towards smart home or smart home and the point of view of the ULE alliance joins his new standard for connecting devices in residential environments.

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By • 12 Jan, 2015
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