The largest companies of outdoor advertising in the world - APG | SGA, Exterion Media and Clear Channel Outdoor and JCDecaux - have joined to develop a global standard for the measurement of digital outdoor advertising; a project pioneer that will allow advertisers to check performance, the impact and benefits of their campaigns.

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With the goal of having an international standard that can also be used in digital outdoor advertising, global reference of the outdoor industry analysis, systems APG | SGA, Clear Channel Outdoor, Exterion Media Y JCDecauxthey have come together to develop what will be the first system of measurement of audiences for this environment.

This business partnership responds to the continued growth of the digital advertising world, main market consultants located in a 23% year on year in the past five years, with a forecast of more than 21% in 2015 this.

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The increase of this digital commercial proposal, which uses increasingly more dynamic and interactive formats to capture the audience's attention and enhance their shopping experience have also been arguments to join forces in the development of a standard international offering advertisers a system for rating its action, performance and ROI of your campaigns in a way that is accurate and effective in its planning, in order to meet the expectations of consumers.

For this project, a working group has formed with experts in research of each of the companies involved, which uses a virtual stage to show consumers a realistic experience of how to converge different types of advertising traditional and digital outdoor. Combining these formats, which is compounded by the use of eye-tracking technology, will provide advertisers a complete and detailed information about the reaction and response of consumers of bells outdoor environments.

Los resultados estarán a disposición de los comités de medición de audiencias de publicidad exterior de todo el mundo, que tendrán la oportunidad de revisarlos y decidir si estas métricas son aplicables para integrarlos en sus respectivos sistemas e implementarlo también en sus circuitos nacionales.


La opinión de los referentes del mercado

Explains Markus Ehrle, director of the Swiss company's outdoor advertising APG/SGA, "for our shareholders and ourselves, this development is key to understand the impact and contribution of the rapid growth of the digital billboards, and" optimize the effectiveness of campaigns. Transparency is a key success factor for the continued growth of digital outdoor advertising in the future."

For his part, Parveen Bdesha, international research and insight director of Clear Channel Outdoor, also underlines the importance of metrics in this type of project: "to work as an industry to the development of a system of audience measurement for the" digital outdoor advertising, can help open the potential of the external medium by giving accurate, comparable and convincing data on the audience that advertisers want to reach, and therefore provide better information for decision-making on media planning".

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El CEO de Exterion Media (antes con la denominación de CBS Outdoor), Shaun Gregory, señala a su vez que “el consumidor actual está permanentemente conectado y hay que asegurarse de que su experiencia, que como medio le podemos proporcionar, sea lo más satisfactoria posible. Estoy tremendamente emocionado de que tantos miembros de la industria exterior nos hayamos unido para desarrollar un estándar para medir la publicidad digital exterior”.

En esta misma línea, Neil Eddleston, Managing director de JCDecaux, asegura que para su compañía “es clave tener un fuerte compromiso a largo plazo con la medición de audiencias en exterior a nivel internacional, en relación al crecimiento del negocio que representa lo digital. Es de agradecer que esta iniciativa de colaboración cuente con el apoyo de la mayor parte de los ‘stakeholders’ del sector y que se integre con los anteriores sistemas de medición de publicidad exterior no digital, respaldados ya por nuestros clientes y compradores en colaboración con Esomar, Sociedad Europea de Opinión e Investigación de Mercados. Es importante que estas medidas estén basadas en el contacto del individuo con el mensaje publicitario en el momento en que aparece en la pantalla”.

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By • 14 jan, 2015
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