At the epicenter of the Center commercial Central Melbourne installed a LED NanoSlim of double sided screen in portrait format with a pixel pitch of 6 mm which presents 6.6 x 3.8 m dimensions.

NanoSlim in Central Melbourne

NanoLumens you have installed in Central Melbourne largest NanoSlim LED screen has done so far. It's a system of double-sided portrait format with a pixel pitch of 6 mm which presents dimensions of 6.67 meters high by 3.8 metres wide.

Melbourne Central is a complex comprising a large shopping centre, train station and a 57-storey (211 meters high) Office Tower. The Melbourne Central Shopping Centre, property of the GPT groupIt is located above the metro station and hosts about 300 shops, as well as a large entertainment area.

NanoSlim in Central Melbourne

The installation has been carried out in this shopping center is a collaboration of several years between NanoLumens, your regional sales representative Display Place Solutions and the GPT group. The latter was looking for a solution to display that would be impressive, able to reach the thousands of people who pass each day through the Center. In addition, I wanted to as a support of advertising where advertisers could show their messages and attract all the audience.

"To Excel in an environment like this, the screen had to be shocking with a performance which would allow us to deliver bright, clear images but whose form does not leave protagonism to the message of the seller," says John Rankin, director of the Division Retail GPT Group.

NanoSlim in Central MelbourneThe screen face double NanoSlim in vertical format was the answer for this project. "And its location could not be better. It is hung at the epicenter of the activity of the Melbourne Central Business allowing you to be seen by more than 120,000 consumers every day", says Gerry Thorley, co-founder and director of Digital Place Solutions.

With respect to the strategic importance of installation Almir DeCarvalho, Vice President of international sales of NanoLumens, clarifies that "this is the first of a series of new and important commercial facilities that are now taking place in Australia and New Zealand. A region that is a major source of expansion, both now and for the next few years".

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By • 14 Jan, 2015
• Section: Study cases, OUTSTANDING, Digital signage, Display