The events sector is in iBeacon, positioning indoors (IPS) system, one of the trends that will be used for planning, during the present year 2015 more because in combination with low consumption (BLE) technology Bluetooth, as that already incorporates the Apple iOS7, it forms a perfect tandem to interact with the user.

IBeacon Eikonos

Event planning company Eikonos It is one of the companies that already advanced potential offers iBeacon for this industry, qualified by Apple as a "new kind of transmitters of low power consumption and cost that can notify devices with the operating system iOS7 of his presence in proximity".

This positioning indoors (IPS - indoor positioning system) system is based on low-power beacons operating thanks to Bluetooth technology, with a range of 50 meters, with ability to interact with mobile devices (iOS, Android) that they are next to them to provide detailed information, almost personalized, the smartphone user, choose if you receive it or not.

IBeacon EikonosiBeacon generates a virtual perimeter established around the geographical area of interest (also known as geo-fence) and is bounded by the beacons, in such a way that information, notices, etc. that the user receives on your mobile device just is It produces when it is within this area.

These beacons, which already have installed numerous museums, stadiums, multi-purpose rooms, congresses, etc. will be, as noted from Eikonos and other companies, one of the trends of the industry planning and organization of events, thanks to its ideal combined with Bluetooth technology of low consumption (BLE), which already include operating systems such as the Apple iOS7.

The benefits of both facilities and exhibitors and attendees are numerous, such as improving the experience of attending a trade fair or Congress with a welcome message or personalized information when you access the site; data on location of other exhibitors and attendees; metrics about the time of attendance at each booth, among others.

IBeacon Eikonos

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By • 15 Jan, 2015
• Section: accessories, signs distribution, Events, networking