Equipped with touch technology, sensors and cameras, the screens interactive Surface Hub is the bet of Microsoft by entering rooms meeting and video conferencing with an interactive display of large format and ultra high definition.

Microsoft Surface Hub

Microsoft It has opted for large-format screens with the Surface Hub, a collaborative team with 4 K resolution, available in format of 55 and 84 inches, which integrates touch technology and is prepared to perform video conferencing works under the operating system Windows 10.

Microsoft Surface HubWith this device, as We already anticipate It is the result of the acquisition two years ago of the company of touchscreens Perceptive PixelMicrosoft has wanted that their products can settle on the walls and become the center of the meetings.

Surface Hub is designed with a touch surface that recognizes up to 100 points of contact with precision so that several people can interact with the screen at the same time. In addition, it also allows the simultaneous use of several stylus.

Microsoft Surface Hub"Building on our strengths of productivity for a company and Skype, we decided to create a new experience of Windows 10, allowing to reinvent the meeting so that participants get higher productivity. "This is why we have created the first device for groups, with simple and intuitive Windows interface and touch technology in its core", explains Mike Angiulo, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Devices Group.

Microsoft Surface HubIn addition to the touch technology, this device can function as electronic whiteboard, thanks to a special version of OneNote, which allows you to include content or annotate from other applications or by participants who are in other locations. These annotations can be saved in files or send by email.

Surface Hub integrates several sensors that detect when someone approaches, while cameras follow their movements and facilitate videoconferencing. Microsoft's Kinect technology is behind all this motion capture. The display is also able to pick up the sound of any person who is in the room. Integrated speakers and microphones for multimedia meetings.

The start of meetings begins with a single touch on the screen. Participants can share content wirelessly from compatible devices Miracast or run a Windows application natively with any person that is synchronized to the Surface Hub through Skype, regardless of the computer from him to do so.

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By • 23 Jan, 2015
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