Raise awareness and prevent cardiovascular diseases in visual, interactive and fun way for children and adults is the goal of Halle Heart Children' Museum, a facility that promotes through screens and digital kiosks ' reach the heart' to teach and educate.

Meridian Halle Heart Children Museum

Located in the town of Tempe (Arizona - United States), Halle Heart Children' Museum It is an innovative 16,000 square meters facility specializing in cardiovascular practical and interactive learning that attracts 30,000 visitors annually, mostly children, to encourage healthy habits for the heart (exercise, power (healthy, etc.) a fun, visual and participatory way.

Until a few months ago, this museum belonging to the American Heart Association (AHA), was only open for guided tours for school and private groups who were accompanied on their tour by professional guides explaining the contents.

Meridian Halle Heart Children Museum

At the end of October 2014, the AHA decided to open the doors of the Museum to the public in general (children and families, mainly), but one of the problems faced is that they could not afford having more professionals who will guide groups in time complete.

Its leaders sought the way to start a self-guided tour, which in addition to creating a dynamic, interactive experience that will generate interest in the exhibition, also fits the limited budget of this institution.

Meridian Halle Heart Children Museum

Economic challenges

As Len Gutman, director of Philanthropy at Halle Heart Children's Museum, explains "we look at the hand maps and tours audio, but in the end decided to through a digital kiosk would have a more favourable to children and public experience in general."

Although he had to face a new challenge: the economic, since it is a non-profit entity, it did not have the resources to finance the installation costs, the solution came from the hand of local technology company Insight EnterprisesHe became involved in the project as corporate partner, as well as offering a scholarship that allowed the Museum to pursue their ambitions of implementing digital kiosks.

At the same time, AHA found the manufacturer of digital kiosks Meridian the ideal collaborator to design a robust, custom digital system. adapted both the outreach needs and budgetary constraints of the Museum.

Meridian Halle Heart Children Museum

Tour self-guided digital

In this joint development work, the Museum had some content and audience-specific parameters: digital kiosks had not only to provide a user-friendly interface for the children, but maximum security and a very attractive design, depending on the screen, size and height for your users.

Under these requirements, digital kiosks designed by Meridian have a slim profile to be able to find them stuck to the wall and are screwed to the ground, in order to prevent that can tip over and fall on a child.

Meridian Halle Heart Children Museum

Their outward appearance, conducted by Insight Enterprises is as colorful as that there in the Museum and they are personalized with your pet, Lud Dub, dressed as the superhero's comic Red Crusader.

In addition, these systems incorporate screens designed ex profeso, in size and height adapted to different levels of child, in a way visitors who have several children can gather around the digital kiosk and see videos at the same time, also shown on screens of large format digital signage.

Meridian Halle Heart Children Museum

Halle Heart Children' Museum has six digital Meridian kiosks that provide small visitors a self-guided tour, which begins with a short video with Museum information and details on how to interact in every room of exhibition.

These systems used, for the time being, the 'kiosk mode' in the Google Chrome browser to execute the contents and no specific software for reasons of cost and the limited resources of this institution.

Meridian Halle Heart Children Museum

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By • 4 Feb, 2015
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