Screens for rear projection of Kaohsiung International Airport have been replaced by four videowalls configured with screens from AG Neovo. In total 42 PB-46 d equipment have been used in this infrastructure.

AG Neovo Kaohsiung airport

International Airport at Kaohsiung in Taiwan has replaced rear projection screens, which had installed its terminal and serving as point of information to the passengers of the flights, by display systems LCD Premium of AG Neovo.

A total of 42 teams PN-46 d of AG Neovo have been installed at the second largest international airport in Taiwan to set up four video walls, which aims to show the times of arrival and departure of flights, as well as the incidents that could occur. On the information of the main airlines counters two systems have been located in a 4 × 3 format, while in areas of output has been chosen by a solution of 3 × 3 for two systems that have been implemented there.

AG Neovo PN-46 dIn public places like airports, the screens must offer an optimum quality and reliability, which can remain in service for long periods of time. PN-46 d screens gave response to these challenges and is for this reason that Kaohsiung airport opted for them to be part of the Videowall that wanted to install.

PN-46 d screen is built with a panel of industrial quality that provides a high reliability and a long service life. This is reinforced by its technologies Anti-Burn-in and HeatControl Sensor, helping to prolong the period of useful life in digital signage environments professionals and industrialists that operate 24 x 7.

This display of AG Neovo is designed with a narrow super frame (with a width between 5,4 mm frames) and offers the possibility to be placed both vertically and horizontally. Its integrated mosaic function allows a configuration of single image to an array of videowall allowing formats of up to of 10 × 10.

Kaohsiung airportThe built-in tilt and loop DVI, easy installation and RS-232, RJ45 and IR remotes facilitate the use of multiple screens directly from a computer. Thanks to its integrated scheduler, you can turn on and turn off automatically at a preset time.

Moreover, its screen 46 inch Led backlit offers 1920 × 1080 resolution and a brightness of 500 cd/m2, which is what was needed in this international airport from Taiwan to create bulletin boards and serve other purposes on the inside.

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By • 6 Feb, 2015
• Section: Study cases, OUTSTANDING, Digital signage, Display