JBL-Intellivox acoustic column series, whose products marketed in the Iberian market Earpro, have staged the participation of this manufacturer in the stand of Harman in ISE 2015.

Harman ISE 2015

Specially designed for sound spaces where intelligibility is a key factor though, for its architecture, they have a high reverberation, systems JBL -Intellivox have had a space in the stand of Harman at ISE 2015, in which professionals have seen technologies integrated into these acoustic columns that allow you to customize their response electronically.

Classified into three categories - DC, DS and DSX, the company has presented in the contest new JBL - Intellivox models (available in Spain and Portugal through) Earpro), as HP-DS370, a column of high power that can deliver a sound pressure level of 105dB up to a distance of 30 meters.

Harman Earpro ISE2015

But with appearance of acoustic column, this system has a response in 18 kHz frequency, so their sound resembles much of a speaker of PA, which in addition also can be used outdoors thanks to its protection IP55.

Harman Earpro ISE2015HP-DS370 column is 3.7 meters high, has a horizontal dispersion of 100 degrees and their typical range is 50 meters, which means that a single system can provide efficient coverage for an area of 2,150 square meters.

Update of the classic DS1608 of the mark (which only retains its design), HP-DS370 integrates all electronics in the own column and boasts a new high efficiency power supply, as well as with class D amplification, resulting in consumption energy reduced and low costs of its use throughout its useful life.

This column has fourteen individual high efficiency, 6.5 inch speakers, JBL - Intellivox arranged according to the patented algorithm. It also incorporates two compression drivers mounted coaxially to offer an extended frequency response.

JBL Intellivox EarproHP-DS370 uses for molding of the sound beam legendary DDS algorithms, so that the user can customize the vertical dispersion of the array to fit the room. These algorithms also contribute to obtain a uniform sound pressure level and ensure that the frequency response is consistent throughout the space.

This model of high-power acoustic column JBL - Intellivox is designed to solve problems of intelligibility and clarity in the reinforcement of music spaces and very reverberant shows from stations of train to opera houses.

In addition to the model HP-DS370, during the event has been presented another new model that has its corresponding version in each of the categories of JBL-Intellivox acoustic columns, with three references: DC380, DS380 and DSX380.

It's systems that are halfway between models 280 to 430, already existing in the three families of the company's product, with improvements in the control of low frequency and near-field, low power consumption.

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By • 13 Feb, 2015
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