AV Stumplf Austrian manufacturer has shown the advantages of their projection screens during his participation in ISE 2015 with the installation of a system of curved and elliptical base to offer a panoramic 180-degree projection using Canon projectors.

AV Stumpfl and Canon ISE2015

With a size 11 × 2 meters and 6 × 4 meters, elliptical base curve screen designed by the Austrian specialist AV Stumpfl to show its possibilities to the professionals who visited a few days ago IF 2015 offered a panoramic projection and immersive 180 degrees using eight projectors Xeed WUX400ST 4000 lumens each signature Canon.

AV Stumpfl Curve curve screen has a custom design of projection elliptical, designed to match it with the peripheral vision of the human eye, whose result is a panoramic visualization and immersive, on carried out demonstrations during the contest, has gone a step further to encourage this experience so that the floor of the stand was also part of it thanks to the use of projectors, what four short-range Canon XEED WUX400ST models, were added to illuminate an area of 6 × 4 met Ros.

AV Stumpfl and Canon ISE2015

This show has been filmed images by Scenomedia at the brewery Stiegl in Austria, by AV Stumpfl and sent to each of the eight Canon projectors using servers dual Quad Wings Engine Stage of the Austrian firm, to create an uninterrupted viewing experience for visitors.

This installation has been done in the so-called Hall ' realism color' at the stand of Canon in the Ámsterdam RAI, using the technology of lenses from this manufacturer to provide a ratio of projection of 0.57: 1, which combines several images to create a single projected of 7.200 × 1, 200 pixels from a short distance, with minimal distortion and optimum color and contrast.

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By • 16 Feb, 2015
• Section: Study cases, Display, Events, Projection