Samsung's new store, located in the Melbourne Central Mall attracts buyers with a large videowall, made up of 15 screens, offering an interactive and virtual experience based on the Kinect sensor.

Kinect Graffiti en store Samsung Melbourne

Samsung It is betting on offer interactive experiences in their stores. Strategy is evident in the establishment that opened in the Melbourne Central Mall and aims to share, entertain and teach about the latest technologies.

The main attraction of this shop is a large mural made up of 15 displays having on its front its videowall, set in 4 × 3 consisting of 12 Samsung screens measuring 5 meters wide by 2.1 meters high. The other three are installed on the side of this large mural display.

The interactive experience that gives users the videowall was conducted by the company Nsquared, Which has developed a solution based on
sensor Microsoft Kinect v2.

Kinect Graffiti en store Samsung Melbourne

En esta pared, los clientes que acuden a la tienda disponen de una serie de botes virtuales de pintura con los que pueden crear sus grafitis en el videowall. El sensor Kinect es el responsable de realizar el seguimiento de los movimientos que realiza el usuario con el virtual aerosol y los resultados se van plasmando en la pantalla.

Una vez que han rociado la mayor parte de la imagen, se anima al ‘artista’ a que revise su obra en el lado izquierdo de la pantalla que conduce hacia la tienda. “La idea, por supuesto, es promover la capacidad tecnológica del cliente, mientras que hábilmente se canaliza a los compradores a la entrada de la tienda”, explica Neil Roodyn, director de Nsquared. Una experiencia que soporta multiples usuarios en una superifice multipantalla.

To make this experience, the screen is installed on the top center of a Kinect v2 sensor that can recognize up to six users are interacting with the screen simultaneously. The sound effects produced by spraying the paint cannisters emanate from three speakers are mounted in the ceiling above the screen. Effects that reproduce even the sound that makes the boat when opened or when agitating and "are what make the experience more realistic and attractive."

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By • 16 Feb, 2015
• Section: Study cases, OUTSTANDING, Digital signage, Display, dynamic Advertising