The German manufacturer Sennheiser is celebrating his seven decades of development of solutions and audio products designed to improve the quality of each one of the aspects of recording, reproduction and transmission of sound.

Sennheiser LSP 500 PRO

Sennheiser was created 70 years ago in the German town of Wennbostel to create a wide range of solutions, products and services of professional audio and Consumer Affairs covering each aspect of recording, transmission and reproduction of the audio from the headset's high-quality microphone with cable and wireless, systems of audio monitoring as well as for conferences, to products of aviation and Audiology.

This wide range of systems are present daily in multiple spaces, helping professionals and users to perceive the sound as if it were a unique and special experience. These years of activity and growth have made Sennheiser a consolidated, global, business group with a turnover that reached almost 600 million euros in 2014 and that 2,700 employees already are part around the world, mostly engineers of so qualified nest to develop innovative products.

Sennheiser DM1As part of the special actions to celebrate its 70th anniversary, Sennheiser will present each month in Bluestage, this signature online magazine, various articles Recalling the history of the product and the company.

In this sense, the history of the German manufacturer of audio systems, whose products sold in the Spanish market MagnetrónIt is filled with milestones, innovative creations, prizes and much work. A long history which is summarized, schematically, as follows:

1945-1955: Fritz Sennheiser founded a laboratory called work W for the manufacture of electronic vacuum tube voltmeters. Shortly after it begins production of the classic MD1 and MD2, MD3, MD4 microphones (with noise compensation).

Sennheiser Set 840 TVIn this period also arise first Preamplifiers and amplifiers, as well as hearing aids in miniature. By the end of this first decade, Lab W has 250 employees and establishing the bases of a new building.

1956-1965: Lab W presents a revolutionary wireless system of radio frequency for professional use on stage and television, marketed in cooperation with the Telefunken company. Also, are the first stereo microphone, the answering machine, baby monitor and the hi-fi system Philharmonic, which uses Active speakers. In 1958, Lab W becomes Sennheiser Electronic.

1966-1975:Sennheiser developed the first open headphones in the world - model HD414-, which are still bestsellers today. Also develops MK12, the first professional microphone of lapel for wireless transmission of radio frequency. In addition, the company begins to use infrared technology for the transmission of the sound.

Andreas Sennheiser and Daniel Sennheiser CEOs1976-1985:presents the voice synthesizer VSM201, which introduces the human voice in the world of electronic sound, and the first multichannel professional receiver of rack. Also, directional MKE40 and MKE2 lapel microphones are developed.

1986-1995:Professor Fritz Sennheiser receives an Academy Award in the 59 Edition of the Oscars by microphone type canon MKH 816. In addition, appears active noise NoiseGard to the Lufthansa company compensation system. Other developments of the product in this period include the first wireless transmission from outdoor world mixer; electrostatic headphones Orpheus with tube amplifier; Digital infrared headphones; the SKM 500 microphone and wireless headphones first radiofrequency RS 5.
Over the past decade opens offices of Sennheiser in United Kingdom, Ireland, United States, Belux, Canada, Asia, Netherlands and Mexico.

Sennheiser MobileConnect1996-2000:the firm receives an Emmy Award for its pioneering in the development of the technology of wireless microphones of radio frequency and a Grammy. In these years sees the light series microphones Evolution, which mark a before and after in the industry music, along with its wireless version, as well as the first condenser microphone for Studio.

At the end of this intense stage, the company adds to its trajectory two awards of the German industry innovation and builds the most modern building for the production of microphones.

2001-2009: occurs the first installation of the new system of information for visitors GuidePort and transmitter smaller pocket of the world professional develops: SK 5012. At the same time, new wireless microphones and headphones Street lines are released line, Sport and "Style line-up."

Sennheiser TCHelionThe company continues to receive numerous awards recognizing the quality of its products and constant innovation, and its expansion reaches India, Russia and Japan.

2010-2014:the awards continue to fill the shelves of the company, both personally for its creator and its numerous products. During this final stage, the joint venture Sennheiser Communications was founded in Denmark, which leads to the opening of new offices.

Sennheiser-sphereThey also see the light the emblematic headphones high-end HD 800, made with Premium materials, and works in important innovations as in the creation of a distinctive mark that help your customers recognize the original Sennheiser products and fight in against counterfeiting.

During these years, succession occurs in the directive dome of the company and assume the main charges the grandsons of the founder, Daniel and Andreas Sennheiser (pictured). The company continues to open subsidiaries around the world, such as Australia, New Zealand and Beijing (China).

In the year 2012, the company creates revolutionaries Sennheiser Momentum, reaching the market accompanied by a wide variety of models and shades, as well as enhance certain actions that have made them known today around the world.

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