In the heart of Brussels have settled, at ING Belgium headquarters, 2.000 square meters of Led screen. The installation, by Arch and Inytium with Magic Monkey content, Integrates 768 Powerstrips, each composed of 12 Led Create XML RGBWhite 4000oK.

Arch LED ING Belgica display

When financial institution ING decided to renovate its headquarters building in Belgium (Brussels) wanted to give its facade an eye-catching and differential character, creating an effect that seemed to be embossed.

Representing the 364 days of the years, the building, designed by Gordon Bunshaft of Skidmore, Owings and Merrill, consists of seven stories high and each of them has 52 windows. This construction has been carried out with a double layer of natural stone and a solution was sought where the lighting was discreet and at the same time preserved the effective that this project was pursued.

Arch LED ING Belgica display

The company Magic Monkey had previously done an installation in ING, based on the same concept, in the year 2000 to celebrate the new millennium and that it pursued very similar goals: highlight the architecture of the building and give the bank its own identity. The turnkey solution was to turn the facade 2.000 square meters on a giant video screen, transparent to the occupants of the building, but very visible to the thousands of people who pass by.

With this same conception, Inytium and Arch have carried out a new project so that ING's headquarters in Belgium had a dynamic facade that gave the feeling that it was embossed. This giant screen shows 8.736 RGB and white pixels that are managed with Arch's video interface, allowing more than 4,4 trillions of colors that ensure a panel of tones and colors along with easy manipulation of the video.

Arch LED ING Belgica display

Arch has carried out this project to measure with 768 Powerstrip that they integrate into the 1400 mm in units of 12 Pixels (116 Mm). To ensure optimal luminous quality, Arch has used the CREE XML RGBW4000-K Led with a 15o lens from the brand Khatod. The complex mechanical and electronic design has been carried out by Arch engineers, while component deployment and assembly has been an internal project. The capacity of SMT machines siemens Arch allows them to react quickly qualitatively to any event.

Led bars have been installed at the top and bottom of each window at an angle of 5o to diffuse light on a maximum surface.

Arch LED ING Belgica display

Powered in low voltage, the facility offers a high safety coefficient, since no medium voltage electronic supply has been installed outdoors, thus securing the entire technical team, maintenance of glass and other front-end interveners.

For its part, the contents made by Magic Monkey add a creative and artistic touch that is enhanced in this type of works.


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