Fotoprisma will be the company responsible for implementing a multimedia system and stage lighting at railway station Canfranc to enhance their historical and artistic value.

Estacion Canfranc

The Canfranc station It is one of the most emblematic places of Huesca. both for its historical character and its cultural interest. Its history dates back to 87 years ago and since 2013 the Government of Aragon is its owner, whose priority is the recovery of these declared in 2002 a Cultural facilities.

Among the remodeling work to be done in this railway station includes a project to give the property a scenic and multimedia lighting that allows increase the visibility of this historic building and enhance its historical and artistic value.

artistic lighting station CanfrancThis project has been awarded by the public company land and housing of Aragon (ALL) To Producciones Audiovisual entity photo Prisma por un importe de 132.400 euros. Esta empresa se encargará de diseñar, suministrar e instalar un sistema de luces y proyecciones que permitan que la Estación de Canfranc vuelva a la vida mediante la combinación de efectos de luz (encendido, intensidad, colores) que destaquen los lienzos de la fachada, las ventanas, las torres, los volúmenes y la dimensión del conjunto.

The recovery of this building is considered key to energize the valley of Aragon and publicize the area beyond the national territory. According says Jesús Andreu, managing director of SVA, the goal is to "artistic lighting that will make known the station not only in Aragon, where it is already known, but in the rest of Spain and also expensive to foreigners. We intend to make a performance that improves the tourism capacity of Canfranc. "

Inside Canfranc EstacionAndreu has also highlighted the importance of the participation of the Endesa Foundation will contribute 59,000 euros to the project "the beginning of private collaboration in this recovery of cultural interest".

Framed in this set of actions for recovery of this almost century-old railway station, the SVA will continue the collaboration undertaken with the School of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage of Aragon to restore to the north wall of the lobby and giving it a look close to its original image. It will work on the restoration of the northern third of the east and west canvases.

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By • 6 Mar, 2015
• Section: illumination