XL Video took part in the staging of the event Cisco Live! 2015, which was held in the Conference Center MiCo Milano Congressi, Milan, providing equipment and AV support that was needed for the plenary Hall and the 42 rest areas.

XL Video Cisco Live 2015

Cisco Live! It is an annual event that focuses on the it industry and is focused on technical training and networking. A meeting that brings together thousands of clients and partners, both in Europe and around the world.

Working for the Agency of marketing George P. Johnson, XL Video He was responsible for supply different video solutions, including systems of projection and control, cameras, PPU, as well as all necessary AV equipment for the realization of this meeting for the 42 rest areas both the plenary Hall some with capacity for 300 people.

XL Video Cisco Live 2015

Plenary room

The plenary sessions were held in a large hall attended by 3,500 attendees. A principal display area was built in the middle of the stay which is connected, via a gateway, with another demo, used for product demonstrations and presentation of new products. Three areas that were fully equipped with speakers so that the sound could reach the entire audience.

In regards to the visual equipment, around the room were installed eight screens of 10 meters wide format 16:9. The objective is 3,500 attendees to have optimal insight into all the sessions so the biggest challenge was to get that the screens were placed in the most suitable position so they could see from all angles.

XL Video Cisco Live 2015

In this way, the screens were numbered and the pairs showed some content, while the odd offered others, all related to the presentations and the action that took place on the stage.

These contents were supplied by two projectors Ship 26K with a maximum intensity doubled-up, and were located on the trusses that were on center stage. A media server Millumen It was used to store and play video content. This team was chosen for its flexibility to make processes at this event.

Also, the boat Encore solution was also used to manage and coordinate the screens and is montaron several fiber lines for the connection of multiple laptops running Keynote and PowerPoint.

Two cameras Sony HXC-100, equipped with lenses 86 x, at the FOH and at one end of the room were placed two controllers RF HXC-100s were found mounted on pedestals that were at the center stage.

It also had four Bradley CamBall 2s, two in a spotlight in the public area and two in the upper zone, in trusses. These were aimed at two PPU, a Panasonic HS400 and a HS 450. The Panasonic HS400 mix was in charge of feeding the streaming of television that was screened by Cisco website.

XL also provided six LCD screens of Samsung to locate around the room.

XL Video Cisco Live 2015

Rest areas

In addition to the plenary Hall, XL Video had to work in an environment that had 42 areas of rested which was quite a challenge. I had to synchronize the projectors in the exact positions so that they are aligned with the screens.

XL built to measure switch boxes for each of the rest areas provided an interface intuitive and easy to use through the box button allowing you to connect quickly and smoothly their laptops and other devices in the installed AV systems. These systems were folded by a RCPXL-10.

In this way, these rest areas were equipped with 37 projectors, 18 screens of 80 and 90 inches, 91 transmission systems Lightware HDbase-T DVI, 12 matrix Lightware DVI, 110 23 inch monitors, switchers 55 Image Pro II/PDS and 55 drivers XL Video RCPXL.

XL also provided 152 3.9 mm Led panels of Unilumi that formed a strip of Leds of 38 × 1 metres upon which images were shown and information of the events, thanks to a Pandora Box Media Server system of Coolux.

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By • 23 Mar, 2015
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