Innovation and a different approach with and for customers mark the guidelines of the business model of the Spanish company signage, with the development of projects focused on improving the experience of the user with an omnicanal vision and integrated solutions of digital signage, web and mobile development, which has been consolidated in a growth of 20% in 2014 and positive prospects for the current year.

Technology headquarters

The Spanish company Tecnilógicafounded in 2003 with a disruptive vision in the form of doing business in the environment, TI and manage working groups based on innovation and contribute ideas to the needs of the customer, not only has established itself with a growth of 20% of year-end 2014 (co (n a turnover of EUR 2.4 million) its management model, but its activity for the present to encourages these hallmarks.

Its management team, formed by Jorge Gutiérrez (CEO) (in the image of MK publications); Ángel Barbero (business development) and Juan Antonio Casado (responsible for the area of digital signage), analysed with a group of journalists to the progress of the company and its activity in the short term, focused on the environment of digital signage "with a "vision omnicanal that offers a customer experience personalized, which increasingly our other lines of business are more integrated", says Gutierrez.

Signage Jorge Gutiérrez CEO photo MK publicationsThis vision omnicanal to enhance the customer experience is based on innovation and the contribution of ideas, "almost all of our projects already integrate two or all our lines of business - designated Barber-. Brands have to be present in different channels, with a perfect harmony between online and offline environment, as consumers live their daily lives, constantly connected via their mobile devices, and provide a unified experience that actually, further interaction, not only the information on a screen".

Digital signage PosterTo meet this challenge which companies, mainly in the environment of digital signage in vertical such as retail, catering, tourism, health..., signage offers a differential approach "as an element integrated in the strategy of" communication and marketing of the customer and adapting the technological tools that exist, not in reverse, to solve the technical challenges in terms of contents, information, applications, data analysis, knowledge and flexibility monitoring,... that is, offering a total interactive between the consumer and the point of sale, depending on the type of products and services, to achieve the greatest impact", explained in turn married.

As noted by Barber, the retail environment is the most advanced in this proposed omnicanal "which seeks to close the circle between screens, Web, mobile devices, sensors, bitcoin... to generate an environment, the IoT, in which all the elements can interact, leaving aside isolated elements to enter in a multichannel environment and global where all data are integrated to achieve new experiences and business objectives of a form not invasive, but natural".

Digital signage in the Spanish Senate with signage and SpinetixExamples of this proposal are the interesting projects realized by the company in the Senate (discussed at) Digital AV Magazine), "where we won the competition to large technology integrators with a circuit of digital signage based on open architecture player and in our Poster Digital management system, UX design in user interface and application integration with the system of evacuation and security."

A project similar to the held in the headquarters of Coca-Cola at Madrid, or the point of sale interactive for the Gucci brand, "using Arduino and pressure sensors that encouraged not only with AV content customer shopping experience, but contributed analysis of dat you to mark about perfume demanded more, stock in store, his replacement,... I.e. the user which brand campaign and the project to be carried out", are running both its CEO and responsible for digital signage.

With these signs of identity, signage facing the year 2015 with good prospects for growth, around 30%, which would surpass the three million euros, with special focus on digital signage solutions; in the expansion of its workforce to overcome the current 'tecnilogicos' fifty, and in international expansion, where the company has already developed projects in Germany, United Kingdom, Italy and Mexico, which will be expanded this year to Sweden, Hong Kong, Panama, United States and Colombia.

Además, mantendrán el esfuerzo innovador en sus denominados ‘Proyectos Marcianos’, “es una fuente para generar conocimiento y desarrollo que luego aplicamos en nuestras áreas de negocio y con los que disfrutamos mucho -subraya Gutiérrez-, y con el apoyo a startup que tienen que se enmarcan en nuestra filosofía empresarial”.

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By • 25 Mar, 2015
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