The manufacturer wants to offer greater flexibility and range of motion in professional projection in large spaces (museums, leisure centres and business,...) and in the environment of simulation with two new tyre semi-corto and extra-long lenses, designed for their EH and ProScene models.

Optoma ISE2015 stand

Optoma It has expanded the options of lenses that had so far (short, standard shooting and long-range) for its ProScene projectors with two new lenses that offer greater flexibility and projection distance: one extra long (10.8 meters) and another semi-corto shot) 1.67 meters), to achieve a 100 inch image on a system with WUXGA resolution.

These new lenses are especially indicated for professional projection in large spaces and provide a greater range of motion to install the models EH503 and EH505, W505 X 605 ProScene range. In this sense, the new semi-corto shooting lens is ideal for simulation environments, to provide clear and crystalline image at a very short distance.

Optoma lens

For its part, the extra-long lens allows project from 3 to 20 metres away (with zoom x 1, 6), especially indicated for temporary facilities and rooms larger, such as museums, places of worship, leisure centers, etc.

In addition, the lenses can be used lenshift full range. These multiple lens options (except the short-throw lens) zoom and focus adjustment help installers in achieving the image size needed for each environment.

Optoma has designed these lenses "exclusively for the most demanding professional applications requiring crystal-clear images with maximum reliability operating 24 × 7", designated from the company, as well as to provide better performance and greater flexibility for projectors ProScene, in all its range of WUXGA, WXGA and XGA resolutions and luminosities (ranging from 5,000 lumens of the EH505 model, to 5,200 lumens projectors EH503 and W505, 6,000 lumens X 605).

Optoma ProScene EX855

Design unfiltered incorporating prevents dust and dirt can affect the system, thus ensuring the quality of image with a minimum of maintenance. These projectors offer full support for Crestron, Extron, AMX, PJ-Link and LAN Telnet commands, allowing its remote management through a network, and incorporate a system of three-axis color setting and adjustment of power of lamp at 10 degrees.

To facilitate the work of the installers in the choice of the best projector in their projects, Optoma has available on its website a distances calculator Online to determine which lens is required or the size of the screen.

Optoma calculator lens

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By • 26 Mar, 2015
• Section: Thoroughly, Projection