The manufacturer has presented its new digital large format Rivage PM10 console during the recent edition of NAB 2015, the first of a new generation that redefines the direction that moves the sector of mixtures of digital audio, with innovative features the result of the collaboration with other suppliers in the sector.

Yamaha Rivage PM10

The Rivage PM10 console of Yamaha marks a new milestone in the development of the company in digital systems of large format, with many innovations and levels of quality, flexibility, functionality and reliability so far never before seen in the sector and which situate it as the flagship of the company in its range.

Through a user interface with which all users of Yamaha consoles are familiar, the backbone of the Rivage PM10 system is the newly developed ring network Twinlane of the company, which can manage up to 400 channels of audio at 96 kHz , 32-bit, covering distances up to 300 meters. Twinlane can connect up to eight drives RPio622 and, at the time of its launch, up to two surfaces of control CS-R10 and two systems DSP-R10.

The RPio622 has six new slots for cards RY of Yamaha, in which you can insert three different types of I/O card, thus providing up to 96 Mic Preamps by casting. In addition, both this unit and the DSP-R10 system with the new HY card slots (two and four, respectively) to offer more I/O, while three of the system's hardware components have two slots of MY Yamaha card. As a result, Rivage PM10 fully expanded system can accommodate more than 2,000 I/O.

In the new Rivage PM10 can also be a HY-Dante optional card to integrate recording multi-track or other hardware, including other digital consoles of this manufacturer.

Yamaha Rivage PM10

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By • 20 Apr, 2015
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