Speakers JBL SRX800 family is composed of models of two- and three-way, 12 woofer, 15 to 18 inches. Also part of this series a powered subwoofer with dual woofer. All of them have Crown DriveCore integrated and configurable DSP amplifier.


The new series of amplified speakers portable SRX800 incorporates transducers premium of JBL Professional and amplifier Crown DriveCore, as well as allowing adjustments to the sound from your configurable DSP.

This family of JBL Professional, whose products distributed Earpro, is composed of models of two-way SRX812P, with 12-inch woofer, and SRX815P, with 15 inches, the three-way S wooferJBL SRX835PRX835P, with the same woofer than the previous, the subwoofer SRX818SP, with 18-inch woofer and subwoofer powered with dual woofer SRX828SP.

"The market of portable PA systems has been evolving towards powered models and our SRX800 series has been created to redefine the standards in this category. Its integrated Crown amplification and its configurable DSP offer adjustment capabilities that enable a new level of precision sound in any system or application", says Andy Flint, senior Manager, Portable PA Marketing of JBL Professional.

SRX series uses premium JBL transducers, which combine the ability to work with high power with extremely low distortion. High frequencies are treated by guia-ondas that provide precise control of the horizontal and vertical pattern with a softened in a wide area frequency response.

JBL SRX818SPThe high excursion woofers offer powerful bass and clear the House brand, with a minimum dynamic compression, even during continuous use at high volumes. The acoustic and subwoofer boxes SRX800 sound pressure level has been established between 135dB and 141dB, depending on the model.

All SRX800 models incorporate amplifier Crown DriveCore integrated with an output power of 2000W (1000W in the SRX818P) to offer a clean power and a good margin without too much effort.

JBL SRX812PDriveCore technology of Harman It allows the design of lightweight, efficient energy level and at the same time extremely powerful amplifiers.

The DSP integrated amplifier includes 20 parametric equalizers, response filters (FIR) finite impulse of 96 kHz for improved adjustment of the crossover, adjustment of the delay and even a signal generator that helps in the process of calibration.

Also they incorporate also the JBL AE series preset settings, which facilitate a quick on the verge of the system. In addition, acoustic and subwoofer boxes JBL SRX800 series are compatible with the communication protocol in network Harman HiQNet, allowing their control through Audio Architect or JBL SRX Connect, the new app for Android and iOS that provides a fast approach and optimized for the control of the system.

JBL SRX815PSRX800 series enclosures are built to deliver extreme durability even in the most demanding applications.

These speakers are fitted with M10 suspension points for easy installation, inverted glasses of 35 mm tripod mounted. Rear panels are equipped with a LCD display and a fluorescent screen, to facilitate their adjustment to dark scenarios. The SRX812P also includes a few feet, allowing to use it as a main speaker or as a monitor.

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By • 21 Apr, 2015
• Section: Audio