The manufacturer Aopen, through the wholesaler AV Caverin Solutions, offers a comprehensive solution of digital signage board menu that allows restaurants to create and develop a complete interactive menu, with a 19" screen, which shows information detailed, in accordance with current regulations, with the allergens of each of the dishes that make it up.

Aopen eTile

The new allergen regulations require, since last December, all food companies to provide information on fourteen allergenic ingredients used in prepared dishes, which can involve problems when offering all information in a conventional menu, as well as the expense of updating it with the change of the different dishes on the menu.

For this reason, Aopen Y Caverin Solutions they offer restaurants a digital system in which they can have an interactive menu that, in addition to showing the prepared dishes in a more visual way and with all the detailed information with allergens according to the regulations, also facilitates the real-time content update.

Aopen eTile Caverin SolutionsThis solution is based on Aopen's eTile system, an all-in-one computer under PC platform and Intel Core Processor technology, consisting of a 19" PTC (projected capacitive touch) touchscreen, with integrated CPU and Windows operating system, which allows you to create and develop a complete interactive and up-to-date chart in such establishments.

De fácil instalación y bajo mantenimiento, este sistema incorpora un puerto USB activo (con opción de conectividad WiFi, 3G y 4G), lo que permite usar periféricos (lectores de tarjeta de crédito o escáner) sin necesidad de cables, además de utilizarse como TPV añadiendo una segunda pantalla táctil para que el cliente la utilice (más detalles en Digital AV Magazine).

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By • 28 Apr, 2015
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