The new processor's speaker DriveRack Venu360 dbx is adjusted from a device compatible iOS, Android, Windows, or Mac via an app and a standard router connected to the Ethernet port on the rear panel.

dbx DriveRack VENU360

Driverack Venu360 speaker processor of dbxWhose products distributed EarproIt allows installers and rental companies optimize the quality of their sound systems. It is the successor of the Driverack 260 model and includes a number of additional features including control from mobile devices, more input channels, improved DSP and an easier handling.

"Driverack Venu360 offers a trim level of the loudspeakers that goes far beyond what existed in the market so far, offering a sound system that sounds better, with the great advantage of having total control from laptop ", a tablet or even a smartphone", says Jason Kunz, market manager Portable PA and Recording & Broadcast of the Harman group.

The Driverack Venu360 is a configurable and flexible device that includes the latest advances of the AFS and AutoEQ of dbx, originally incorporated into the Driverack PA2 algorithms. Offers expanded input process and includes automatic suppression of feedback, which detects you attachments and removes frequencies that cause them.

Another important part of the entry process is 31-band graphic equalizer, the parametric 12 bands and features of filtering type notch, compression, dbx, synthesis of sub-armonicos for impact improved bass, delay's backline and gates.

dbx DriveRack VENU360

Configurations multi-crossover are possible modalities for full range and 2- and 3-way. Also, the output process has auto-ecualizacion of 12 bands (8 bands of auto-ecualizacion) and 4-band user configurable, automatic gain control, dbx compression, synthesis of sub-armonicos, noise gates, delays for towers (up to 1000ms for output), 8 band (for speaker setting), dbx and alignment of transducers delays limitation parametric equalizer.

A microphone connection of measured dbx RTA-M to the RTA mic input allows you to use the proprietary algorithms of dbx Level Assist and AutoEQ to equalize the room automatically and achieve a more balanced frequency response. As the AutoEQ is in the process of output module, a system-independent sections, can equalize automatically allowing you to use the AutoEQ on the PA system, as well as monitors, areas and towers of delay's.

DriveRack Venu360 can be adjusted and handled from a device compatible iOS, Android, Windows, or Mac via an easy to use app and a standard router connected to the Ethernet port on the rear panel. It also has an LCD display on the front panel, offering navigation type map, measuring inputs and outputs and mutes for adjustment and monitoring of the system.

Improved adjustment of the Venu360 Wizard includes stage monitors in your list, making the set-up of a complete sound system easily and accurately.

dbx DriveRack VENU360

Among the many functions of the wizard are the Level Assist, Auto EQ, AFS and amplification and built-in JBL speakers settings. In addition, you can store up to 75 user settings, eliminating the need to introduce the same system or room settings again and again.

The dbx Venu360 provides balanced inputs analog and digital AES for connecting a mixer with mono, stereo, options, CSF and subs with auxiliary shipping configurations. Six outputs balanced XLR can be configured for system PA, stage monitors, towers of delay, areas and more. Also, it is compatible with wall Ethernet BSS Contrio drivers and firmware upgrades can be performed via the USB port.

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By • 17 Jul, 2015
• Section: Audio, Control