In the entrance area of the Volkswagen Group Forum Drive, visitors are greeted by screens of 40 inches, installed vertically on six pillars, and a video wall Led eyevis of more than 40 square meters, which is shown as the centerpiece of the exhibition.

Eyevis in Volkswagen Group Forum Drive

The Volkswagen Group has created a new communication platform in the heart of Berlin, the Volkswagen Group Forum Drive. A space that offers visitors a look at the different views and themes of the Volkswagen Group. After being remodeled, the old car Forum of the street Unter den Linden opened last May to bring together under one roof the twelve brands of the group, and Volkswagen financial services.

In Forum Drive, the brands Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, Ducati, Volkswagen commercial vehicles, Scania and MAN take turns in presenting exhibitions of three months, each one dedicated to exploring an aspect particularly related to mobility. The products will be always exposed in other areas of display.

Eyevis in Volkswagen Group Forum Drive

The renovation of the old building has been commissioned the study of architecture Professor Christoph Mäckler Architekten, while Volkswagen Immobilien He has been the general contractor of the project, which has taken responsibility of permanent lighting, sound, video, imaging and monitoring equipment in the areas of exhibitions and conferences.

By its stop, the company Amptown System Company He has been responsible for the installation of communications equipment. "Our goal was to provide flexible and scalable media that help the presentation of brands in different events, whether they are exhibitions, press conferences, presentation of vehicles... Volksware needed a solution that could be handled by its own technical equipment", explains Christoph Wegner, Project Manager and Director of ASC Berlin.

Eyevis in Volkswagen Group Forum Drive

AV infrastructure

The visual part of this exhibition area, the protagonist is eyevis technology. This infrastructure is connected to a network that is managed from a Pandora Box server of Coolux and whose screens are powered by Compact players from the same manufacturer.

In the entrance area, visitors are greeted by screens of 40 inches, installed vertically on six pillars, reporting mostly what you need to know about the different brands of the Volkswagen Group. A videowall Led's eyevis, of more than 40 square meters, is displayed as the centerpiece of the exhibition whose content is supplied from a media player Quad.

Professor Christoph Mäckler Architects has created an open structure of two levels for the main exhibition area. The center of attention in the main room consists of a permanent installation an eyevis configured by 30 × 8 Led wall modules eyeLED, with a total size of approximately 15 × 3 meters.

Modules, each of 480 × 360 mm, fit without showing cracks. With a gap of 2.5 mm pixels, each model offers 192 × 144 pixels.

Eyevis in Volkswagen Group Forum Drive

This means that the video wall offers a total resolution of 5.760 × 1 152 pixels and produces sharp images. Also highlights playing uniform brightness and colors that eyevis achieved through factory calibration and that combined with many adjustable parameters.

A visual image of Gerriets wall system has been embedded in the recess of the roof, between the entrance area and the presentation of the brand, to separate spaces. The megascreen wide from 15 meters is equipped with a projection Gammalux film. This megascreen has been installed in a shaft roof, incorporated in the structure which can be closed by means of four separate flaps which can be opened and closed by a mechanism of electrically operated steel band.

The audio part is composed of more than one hundred speakers of German Audio Engineering)GAE), which were designed specifically for this project since they had to respond to the requirements of the facilities and meet the requirement of being a reverb with implemented 3D sound system.

The concept of audio was designed and implemented to incorporate the wave field synthesis. This produces an optimal impression of listening in all the events room, even if people move from one place to another within the space.

With regard to the lighting systems, on the roof of the main hall 21 160 teams have been incorporated ETC Source Four Studio HD Led, while a total of 33 Studio E have been installed in the exhibition area, located along 420 meters of handrail. These rails are also suspended bulbs ETC that combine efficiency and power with a colour temperature variable, requirement that was specifically requested by Volkswagen during the sampling process.

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