The newest member of the range Surface has made its appearance for the first time in Spain in SIMO education 2015, focusing the attention of professionals to offer students and teachers a set, connected and productive work.

Microsoft SIMO Educacion2015 Surface Hub

If during the first day of SIMO education 2015 not arrived in time, the long-awaited official presentation in Spain of Microsoft Within two days, Surface Hub has captured the attention of visitors to the fair, willing to learn and try the advantages offered by this device that will be marketed on the national market at the beginning of 2016 in two versions of 55 (1.920 × 1. 080p) and 84 inches (3.840 × 2.160 p).

Surface Hub is designed to involve both people who work together in the same place as those who are connected remotely. As pointed out by the director of education of Microsoft Ibérica, Oscar Sanz, "education through ICT, which gives the students of new skills and ways of thinking, it becomes absolutely essential in this digital transformation to help to the" young people to develop a better career".

This innovative device with large format display aims to collaborative work. Thanks to the combination of Surface Hub and 10 Windows, Skype for Business, Office, OneNote and the most popular Windows applications, schools and companies can enhance your productivity and maximize teamwork.

Microsoft has taken advantage of its participation a year more in SIMO education to show "support for the educational community" and, among other solutions, Surface Hub, a device that as designates Sanz "can promote new forms of education adapted to the needs of" teachers and students of the 21st century."

Microsoft SIMO Educacion2015 Surface Hub

This device offers all the advantages of Windows 10, with a version specially adapted, on a large screen to provide the power and versatility of a system connected to the cloud and the simplicity of a customizable interface intended for that anyone can take advantage of their new ways of sharing ideas and information.

Thanks to Skype for Business, users can create or join meetings and share content effortlessly through OneNote endorsements, promoting collaborative work in a natural way thanks to non-intrusive technologies. With a fully integrated design, Surface Hub provides a solution that is easy to install and highly productive educational centers and organizations.

This new device is equipped with a front camera dual Full HD 1. 080p, which ensures a perfect view around the workspace, and with a system of four microphone eliminates ambient noise and offers optimal voice quality. The writing Surface Hub is smooth and quick, allowing also the use of up to three Surface Pen at the same time.

With up to a hundred touch points and instant response, "Surface Hub offers a digital collaborative experience that surpasses the limits of physical slates", they underscore from the company. In addition, schools can customize the experience of Surface Hub with a large number of applications from Windows 10, which adapt perfectly to the screen size of the device, while users can also share content from other devices such as tablets, smartphones and laptops.

It also integrates processors Intel Core i5 and i7, which allow moving multiple applications with total fluidity, and Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth, NFC and several ports for devices of users is to share content on the screen.

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By • 30 Oct, 2015
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