Fontanar of Colombia in the mall two systems have been installed 4K resolution display that are managed with digital signage solution Deneva. The first is an LED display circular 6.3 meters in diameter and the second a banner display that adapts to the architectural design of the environment.

Deneva in Fontanar mall Colombia

The Fontanar shopping center, located in the town of Chía north of Bogota, has 56,000 square meters of shopping area and 180 shops. It is the result of an investment of over 200 million and is destined to be the benchmark in terms of shopping and entertainment in Colombia.

Bike, Partner Icon Multimedia Latin America, installed in this mall LED display art circular aimed cause impact on visitors, as well as providing relevant information from the center and its facilities.

Integration has been performed, as Germán Robles, project by Kolo, "not as a decorative element, but as a system of integrated communication between the shopping complex and visitors, visible from anywhere with 4K resolution," he explains.

This is circular Kolo installing the second screen. The first is located on Paseo Interlomas in Mexico.

The screen was suspended at 14 meters high, it is made as and has a diameter of 6.3 meters with a weight of 1,680 kilograms. This facility uses digital signage solution Deneva Icon Multimedia as CMS, presenting content in 4K resolution and remote control all functions of the screen.

Deneva in Fontanar mall Colombia

Circular banner display

In addition to this solution circular display in the center of Colombia it has been installed, 10 meters high and 4K resolution a banner screen is controlled by Deneva technology.

This design meets the objective of communicating information to users who are on higher floors and the challenge that had to be answered is the integration into a curved form having the wall where it has mounted since the architectural design demanded of thereby.

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By • 9 Nov, 2015
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