The murcian regional television has acquired as intercom system for its new mobile unit recently presented matrix Tango TNG-200 from Riedel Communications, provided by Crosspoint.

Riedel-Tango TNG-200

Supplied by Crosspoint, the new array of intercom, presented on the market just a few months ago by Riedel Communications, it has been the choice for BGL, Integrator on the project to equip the new mobile Murcia Autonomous channel - 7RM - exploited by Sequoiawhich will cover all types of outdoor productions, including connections for news.

The solution delivered by Crosspoint includes some of the recent developments of Riedel, as the own array of intercom Tango TNG - 200 and the Smartpanel RSP-2318, in addition to other systems already known as the Performer C3 for wired Partyline beltpacks.

Tango TNG-200 is the first platform fully networked Riedel and is based on the standards AES67 and AVB. With its own dedicated Intercom application can become a leading and flexible solution for a wide variety of communications scenarios. It has two integrated digital Partylines; two compatible ports AES67 and AVB; two Ethernet ports; a slot for options and redundant power supply, all in an elegant design of 1.5 RU height, small depth and low noise.

Riedel SmartPanel

On the other hand, the new Smartpanel RSP-2318 (in the image above) is the first panel in the world to date designed as a powerful user interface multifunctional, "that will enrich the user experience and change the way we communicate", They underscore from the company.

Its multiple capabilities include the multi-touch high resolution and readable color displays with sunlight. They have eighteen keys in 1RU, Premium quality stereo audio, as well as character set multilingual, with connectivity AES67, BGA and AES3 about CAT/Coax, in addition to built-in power supply; two USB ports; two Ethernet connectors; GPIO, IN/OUT audio, HDMI output and removable Gooseneck microphone.

The new UM 7RM, operational since few weeks ago, is a kind of hybrid drive since it meets the requirements of a DSNG and the cover the issuance and completion of other events (sports, magazine,...), to be equipped with six cameras.

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By • 19 Nov, 2015
• Section: Study cases, Production, networking