The German manufacturer has developed these new models of a headset to improve and facilitate the work of employees of call center and office, whose day depends on the quality in their telephone communications.

Sennheiser SC 40 and 70 Magnetron SC

Complementary 30 SC and SC 60 models, the new 40 SC and SC 70 USB CTRL a headset from Sennheiser Communicationsbrand that it sold in Spain Magnetron, they are especially developed to work with leading global provider of solutions for unified communications (UC), such as Skype for Business.

Under the name Culture Plus, these models are available in Mono version (SC 40 USB) and binaural (SC 70 USB), to provide high definition (HD Voice) and discussions of great clarity and sharpness in any tone, thanks to the expansion of the frequency spectrum.

With respect to the previous models, the new a-headset have a more modern design, in which raw material black color and the skin details. Developed to connect via USB to a softphone, they incorporate specific technologies to optimize the communication at all times.

Sennheiser SC 40 and 70 Magnetron SCIn particular, CircleFlex technology enables personalized and immediate adjustment for use throughout the day. To do this, the helmet pads are mounted on pivots, and in this way, the same foam is placed on headphones comfortably and quickly adjusting to the different morphologies of each ear.

ActiveGard technology protects the user against possible and annoying acoustic peaks, which are dimmed significantly. In order to ensure clear conversations and stress-free, these models are equipped with a microphone with noise cancellation (which can be placed in the right ear and left), able to turn 350 °, which ensures a flexible and of great use precision.

SC 40 USB and SC 70 USB feature call control integrated in the cable so the user manage incoming calls, the volume or the 'mute' mode at the click of a button. Both models are marketed under two sets of pads (one of feather and one of foam), to offer maximum comfort to the users, with a bag to save them. His headband also presents a robust finish and is covered with imitation leather to provide better ergonomics.

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By • 2 Dec, 2015
• Section: Thoroughly, Audio