Located in the Centre of training of Aeromexico, the Boeing 787 Flight Simulator has been built by LMCFT to optimize the training of pilots for the airline. Three projectors eyevis ESP-LWXT, offering a WUXGA resolution have been used in its design.

Eyevis in Simulator Aeromexico Boeing 787

Aeromexico, in partnership with Lockheed Martin Commercial Flight Training)LMCFT), it has presented its new Boeing 787 Flight Simulator at the training center, located near the international airport Benito Juarez of the city of Mexico.

This device will allow airline pilots to train in realistic operating conditions, optimizing programming and control of training of 200 more pilots who operate the equipment 9 Boeing 787 to and from London, Madrid, Paris, Tokyo, Los Angeles, New York, Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile.

In addition, training processes will take place in Mexico avoiding sending the crew abroad, which will represent a significant decrease in costs, time that will increase the availability and productivity of pilots to the flight line.

Eyevis in Simulator Aeromexico Boeing 787

It is the first of its kind installed in Mexico and Latin America and has been certified by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) with the highest award that receives a simulator in safety and air operations.

"We are honored to join Aeromexico to celebrate the qualification level D of the first B787 Simulator in your country. We have given them a simulator technologically advanced, adapted to the sophisticated needs of training needed by Aeromexico, since their pilots and crews to support the growing market demand for global trade and passenger transport", says Sandy Samuel, Vice President of LMCFT.

Manufactured by Lockheed Martin commercial Flight Training (LMCFT), it offers the crew panels of real aircraft and field of view of 200 degrees, as well as a generator EP8000 image projectors eyevis that it provide panoramic views of more sensitive flight navigation and a base of movement electropneumatic that simulates flight conditions with different climatic conditions.

Eyevis in Simulator Aeromexico Boeing 787

It also incorporates a fixed Simulator Graphical Flight Deck Smulator (GFS) which will make more efficient use of Flight Simulator, especially in the initial training.

It also boasts more than 30 different scenarios of simulation, including the international airport of the city of Mexico, London and Paris.
This action complements its constant renewal of the fleet, upgrade and modernization of its Boeing 737 and Embraer flight simulators, the development of the web platform, mobile applications, and the use of social networks.

Eyevis in Simulator Aeromexico Boeing 787

Projectors eyevis ESP-LWXT

Three projectors ESP-LWXT, belonging to the ESP eyevis series have been used for the design of this Simulator. A model of 800-1,000 lumens and a contrast ratio 16:10, offering a WUXGA resolution 1920 × 1200 pixels, bright colors and perfect black levels.

The robust design of this team, with its metal casing, allows its integration in high vibration environments and simulations based on movement. Your reliable Led lighting and maintenance-free cooling ensures that operated for a long period of time. Optical system that has been used in this projector is derived from cubes of rear projection of eyevis, which are known for their image quality and reliability.

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By • 10 Dec, 2015
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