The new great Cruiser ' Anthem of the Seas' company Royal Caribbean has had a lot of different devices Elation Professional lighting and video in their audiovisual installation.

Elation Professional Royal Caribbean Anthem of the Seas

After making your criteria a few months ago, new boat ' Anthem of the Seas' Royal Caribbean International joins together with ' Quantum of the Seas' to super-cruise line Quantum of this company, which is finishing the construction of a third, called ' Ovation of the Seas', whose criteria is scheduled for next year.

Audiovisual installation of these luxury cruises, with similar characteristics, has counted with the technology of lighting and video's Elation Professional (More details in Digital AV Magazine), whose systems distributed exclusively on the Spanish market visualsvisuals.

Christopher Vlassopulos, responsible for architectural lighting for Royal Caribbean International, has been the person in charge of the design and specification of this boat lighting systems, including leisure areas.

Elation Professional Royal Caribbean Anthem of the Seas"On the two boats spectacular lighting design is very similar - explains Vlassopulos-. There has been some change, for example in the Two70 area, where to ' Anthem of the Seas' have changed the lighting devices of floor and ceiling by Led Elation Elar Quad Bar, more luminous bars, resistant and with a better price than another manufacturer that drives "we installed at the time in ' Quantum of the Seas".

For the lighting of the new boat design, responsible for Royal Caribbean has counted with the collaboration of Benjamin Couling, the company Tristwell Solutions. This super-crucero has been built in the shipyard Meyer Werft in Germany, and much of the audiovisual installation specialist has made Amptown System Company.

Energy-efficient installation

The aim of achieving a system of lighting with a very low energy consumption has been a priority in the installation made in ' Anthem of the Seas', and many Elation Professional Led devices that are part of the same have contributed to that Royal Caribbean logrue a significant savings in power consumption.

"Mostly using devices with Led technology in these facilities, Royal Caribbean can perfectly save thousands and millions of euros during the useful life of all these cruises of the division Quantum." "For example with ' Quantum of the Seas', if not we had opted us for an installation largely Led, now already would bear two complete changes of lamps in a space of months", says Vlassopulos.

The installation of Elation Professional systems installed in different zones of the cruise of luxury ' Anthem of the Seas' listed below.

Elation Professional Royal Caribbean Anthem of the Seas Music

Area Two70

Is the main points of leisure within ' Anthem of the Seas', with a system Vistarama of projection and various moving heads of Elation Professional lighting shows 'Starwater', designed by Alex Picotte, and 'The Virtual Concert', with design by Susan Rose.

In the Two70 area of Elation following devices are installed: saturated Spot Led Pro; Platinum Beam 5R Extreme; Platinum Spot Led Pro II; Platinum Wash ZFX Pro and Elar Quad Bar.

Area Royal Theatre

Royal Caribbean International cruises are the first to offer original productions of some of the most famous musicals of Broadway or the West End, such as the musical 'We Will Rock You', based on the story of the band Queen, and is currently representing in the Royal Theatre of ' Anthem of the Seas'.

With capacity for 1,300 people, the installation of the Royal Theatre lighting has saturated Elation Spot Pro Led moving heads; Platinum Spot Led Pro II and Platinum Wash ZFX Pro, in addition to moving heads with discharge lamps the range Philips Platinum as Elation Platinum Spot 35 Pro and Platinum Beam 5R Extreme.

This theatre have been also installed three Led video screens, with Elation Professional EPV20 modules, with a 20 mm pixel density. The main screen has dimensions 11 × 6 meters, which comes complete with two sides of 6 × 2 meters.

In addition to the mentioned devices of Elation, have been also installed Platinum Wash ZFX Pro; Eled QA Strip; SixPar 100IP and Elar Quad pair.

Elation Professional Royal Caribbean Anthem of the Seas Royal

Area Music Hall

Other leisure space within ' Anthem of the Seas' is Music Hall, which is structured in two floors and where visitors can also enjoy live performances.

With a capacity for four hundred people, moving heads Wash ZFX Pro XL Platinum and Platinum Wash ZFX Pro, along with moving head Platinum Spot Led Pro II units, all from Elation Professional.

Area Royal Esplanade

It is the main gallery of ' Anthem of the Seas', in which a wide variety of shops, bars and restaurants along is concentrated, and where Elation Platinum Spot Led Pro II and Zoom Platinum Wash Led moving heads (painted white to be integrated in the) decoration of this space) provide lighting effects both for performances and special events that take place in this gallery during the night and during the day.

Elation Professional Royal Caribbean Anthem of the Seas cover

Area SeaPlex

One of the most popular entertainment venues within ' Anthem of the Seas' is SeaPlex, a space where you can enjoy various activities, such as bumper cars or basketball courts, and has Led screens of video EPV6 from this manufacturer 6 mm pixel density, as well as Platinum Spot Led Pro II and Pro Design Wash Led moving heads for your lighting.

Swimming pool and covered with crew and sports

Different areas outdoors on the deck of this cruise have a spectacular architectural lighting thanks to Elar 108 Par RGBW of Elation Professional, such as the outdoor pool and covers for sporting activities and crew.

' Anthem of the Seas' had its inaugural cruise in the spring and has had its pier in the town of Southampton (England), while since autumn has made New York her new port of embarkation.

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