The new office, located in Madrid, and whose inauguration has counted with the presence of the founder and CEO of the German company, Thomas Riedel, will provide a direct and personalized contact to offer the best service and support customers in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece.

Riedel Madrid

With an open day attended by numerous professionals, the German multinational Riedel It opened a few days ago its new office in Madrid, with a team composed by Maribel Román, at the head of the Sales Department, and Marcos Talamonti, from engineering, to provide service and support to the markets of Spain, Portugal, Greece and Italy.

From his new office in Madrid, to whose inauguration moved the company's CEO, Thomas Riedel, the company wants to provide "a close, direct and personal contact to our customers and partners in these markets. "We want to help them from the minute one in the design of its system, its implementation and sales and after sales with a comprehensive technical service direct and immediate", explains Maribel Román (see attached video).

Riedel Madrid

On the other hand, this venue will also serve to open gap in one of the areas in which Riedel takes years to reap great success with comprehensive service, design and rental for intercom and networks in major events and rental.

Both in sales and services, the office of the company in Madrid will enable customers to have help in the design of projects, capturing first-hand the needs of production and improving reaction times.

Riedel Madrid

Systems and demonstrations

During the open day, the company showed in detail to attendees the possibilities offered MediorNet, the network for transport by multi-channel audio, intercom, data and video signals fiber. This network allows any topology and integrates CWDM multiplexing, so it is possible to distribute and route signals without compression in real time. Both the processing and conversion of signals takes place using software on a scalable high-capacity hardware platform.

Another solution protagonists of the company to this day has been Smartpanel (RSP-2318), a universal panel capable of running multiple functions between different applications. AES 67 and AVB, and optionally AES3 connectivity under CAT/coaxial, this smart panel has been developed to guide communication applications including intercom, with a flexible and intuitive UI which can host multiple tasks.

Riedel Madrid

Intercom area highlights, Tango TNG-200, fully Web-based and provides AES67 and AVB standards-compliant network interconnection. This 1.5 platform open RU has 40 × 80 ports and an intuitive control through front panel high resolution with anti-glare treatment.

Attendees to this day of Riedel in Madrid proved first-hand also the possibilities provided by the new contribution system of professional video in antenna, which takes as a basis the popular technology from Microsoft Skype version Professional (TX).

Riedel Madrid

Riedel STX-200 provides inputs and outputs HD-SDI broadcast and XLR balanced audio quality, as well as an extensive set of features including management and monitoring in remote calls.

Once finished the day of open doors, Riedel organized the evening reception to customers and partners in the historic Palace of Linares, in Madrid's plaza de Cibeles (Casa de América), to celebrate the opening of its new office.

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