Within its strategy of growth based on its Strategic Plan 2013-2017 Mutation, Econocom announced decision of majority shareholding of the audiovisual wholesaler and energy efficiency Caverin Solutions in Spain, starting in this way the distribution of digital solutions business and thus completing turnkey solutions for Spanish companies.

Caverin DES 2014

Econocom groupreference technology in Europe in the design, financing and support to companies in their digital transformation, has reached an agreement for the acquisition of the majority of the capital of the company Caverin Solutionswholesale audiovisual value in the digital world and global provider of the ICT sector in Spain, specialized in the sectors, energy efficiency, and mobility/IT.

Caverin Solutions, with offices in Madrid and Malaga, over thirty employees and a turnover of approximately EUR 15 million, will be fully integrated into Econocom group and will continue under the management of its current director general Jaime Villanueva, to It stays as a shareholder of the same.

The operation has been valued very positive way by different makers involved both Econocom and Caverin, who considered the business models of both very complementary companies and with great potential for developing synergies.

Caverin Solutions Jaime VillanuevaThis acquisition will allow Econocom to expand its range of digital solutions in Spain, offering companies a complete portfolio with specialized services of consulting and presales, distribution, coverage, extended warranties, as well as its possible funding.

As noted by Jaime Villanueva, CEO of Caverin Solutions (in the image above), "union with Econocom will provide us the expertise and resources required for a multinational company to successfully lead the implementation of solutions around the world Digital. Its large portfolio of solutions will allow us to give a comprehensive response to the demand of the market in a quick and efficient manner, presenting us as a logistical platform with financial capability to help clients in the execution of their projects".

Angel Benguigui Econocom groupAngel Benguigui, responsible country of the Econocom group in Spain, said to feel "particularly satisfied with this operation, that will allow us to start this new activity in Spain to accompany our clients with total certainty of success more effective in your digital transformation. This acquisition is a formidable springboard for our teams, which will be able to participate actively in the development of our group in the digital world".

Por su parte, Philippe Goullioud, responsable de la actividad productos & soluciones de Grupo Econocom, añade que “el posicionamiento estratégico de Caverin como socio de referencia y de confianza en el mercado español nos permitirá crear rápidamente sinergias comerciales locales con los principales fabricantes que ya trabajan nuestro grupo, para estar en disposición de acompañar a nuestros clientes en su transformación digital”.

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By • 18 Dec, 2015
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