Matrox Graphics will display on its stand of ISE 2016, which will share with Matrox Video, the line of capture cards 4K and encoder/decoder IP Mura series IPX. A line formed by the IPX-I4DF which decodes streaming and the IPX-I4EF which also includes the capability of encoding.

Matro Mura IPX series

Matrox Graphics and Matrox Video will be sharing booth at the fair IF 2016, which will be held Inamsterdam RAI from 9 to 12 February. In a series of interactive demonstrations, Matrox Graphics will unveil capabilities of the line of graphics cards Mura series IPX, cards for multiple screens c-series, encoders/decoders Maevex AV-over IP and controllers for Videowall Mura MPX.

Moreover, Matrox Video display system of two channels for transmission and Monarch HDX video recording and the recording multi-camera application VS4Recorder Pro.

Matro Mura IPX seriesMura series IPX will be one of the great innovations of the Matrox stand. It's a line of cards that captures at 4K and HDMI in addition to encode / decode H.264 streaming. A solution allowing OEMs and manufacturers of AV systems to control the video from the video walls in high quality and with a low bit rate.

This line is made up of models, one that decodes streaming only and the other encodes and decodes. The Mura IPX-I4DF has 4 inputs HDMI 1.4A, each of which can capture up to 4kp30 (or lower resolutions as 2560x1600p60); and 1 input Network RJ45, which decodes streaming h.264 (1 or 3 to 4k30p, up to 1080 p 60 8 and 16) up to 1080p30. This equipment allows you to combine different resolutions to complete equivalent to the maximum supported bandwidth. Mura IPX-I4EF model is the same as above but with coding ability.

These cards have the ability to decode H264 streaming coming from IP cameras or encoders external without the use of the system CPU, capture signals 4K and integrate them within the architecture Mura or inputs native HDMI inputs (without the need of) DVI-HDMI adapter). They also allow scale a system with many digital more inputs than outputs, and encode and make a streaming of all or part of the graphic content of the videowall.

Multi-screen video cards

Matrox Graphics c-seriesDesigned for the configuration of videowalls in applications of digital signage, embedded systems, AV, security, and control rooms, c-series graphics cards offer optimal video performance, advanced capabilities multi-display and EDID management to through an intuitive software to simplify Assembly of the screens, both vertical as horizontal.

This line, consisting of the C680 and C240, models integrated 2 GB memory and mini Display Port connectivity. Card Matrox C680 supports up to six screens 4 K/UHD and they can install more by inserting two C680 in one system. The characteristic framelock plate to plate ensures the synchronization of all screens to reduce cuts in the videowall and digital video.

For its part, the C420 Matrox is especially useful for the installation of systems of digital signage in confined spaces. It offers a high rate with passive cooling, reliability and quiet operation.

Encoders/decoders H.264

Matrox Maevex 5100 NAB2013Encoders/decoders Maevex 5100 series is a solution of video distribution over IP that allows you to expand or record up to 1. 080p60 of video and audio over a standard network, with a rate of low transmission defined by the user, with a consumption of minimum bandwidth.

Maevex series 5100 allows the extension of Full HD video over standard IP networks for projects of digital signage, as well as collaboration of video, automation and process control systems. It also allows decoding based on software on devices not Maevex. The software includes Matrox PowerStream, that allows remote management of devices Maevex, and a wide variety of stream-management resources including unicast and multicast network.

Capture and visualization on the videowall

Matrox Mura MPXEspecially indicated for AV integrators, developers, systems and manufacturers wishing to have drivers of capture and display video wall with a maximum of 56 inputs and outputs, the card Matrox Mura MPX redefine the future of solutions management of video wall matrices.

These cards provide performance, image quality, scalability and switching exceptional, that are compatible with channel universal input for both digital and analog video signals. The PCIe bus architecture x 16 Gen2 allows the maintenance of the bandwidth and the balancing load essential for large-scale multi-channel projects. HD image capture and display uncompressed data ensures a faultless quality of text, video and graphics.

Dual channel for transmission and video recording

Matrox Monarch HDXMatrox Monarch HDX is a compact encoder H.264 dual channel which has connections 3 G-SDI and HDMI with frame synchronization for offset unstable sources, as well as two independent H.264 encoders that can be assigned to different tasks.

With two encoders, integrated in one device, Monarch HDX can tackle any task and transmit to two destinations different record file with quality proxy, while simultaneously recording a version as a master for editing later, or use an encoder to transmit while another encoder writes the contents to a higher quality for VOD downloads. Whether used as encoder to record video, or live transmission is possible its integration into any SD or HD installation.

When used as a coder of webcasts, Monarch HDX generates a transmission encoded in H.264 that complies with RTSP or RTMP protocols. It is possible to assign each channel separately to transmit only what is needed and when it is needed at a speed up to 10 Mbps, allowing transmit simultaneously to two destinations, or configure the device to transmit up to 20 Mbps of quality to a only destination of encoding.

He also recorded simultaneously a high-quality MP4 or MOV file on a SD card, USB or a mapped network drive.

Matrox VS4Recorder ProNew features include the implementation of Ross Video DashBoard Connect protocols and the introduction of Monarch HDX Dev tools that allow the developers of the platform's video network and cloud-based management and the a/v integrators monitor Monarch HDX from custom environments. Monarch HDX can also be integrated with a Crestron controller that allows traders to start and stop streaming and recording from its interface.

The software allows to record in high quality four sources of live audio/video card Matrox VS4 Quad HD-SDI, which is ideal for recording live, such as concerts and sporting events-multicamera productions, and create video content that can reused and filed with ease.

VS4Recorder Pro offers two recording modes: multicamera, which takes screen captures accurate and synchronized, and independent, allowing you to choose from a wide selection of video and audio codecs. It also provides a complete multivision experience simultaneously.

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