This solution is intended for audiovisual applications requiring a sound system embedded in a video signal HDMI, in addition to facilitating the transition to 4 K video resolutions.

Extron HAI 100

HAI 100 4K's Extron Electronics It is an embebedor of audio which integrates the analog 2-channel audio or S/PDIF digital audio of two channels in the HDMI signal output. It is compatible with HDCP (High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection), supports data speeds of up to 10.2 Gbps and is compatible with resolutions up to 4 K video.

This Extron solution includes an HDMI input, audio input stereo analog and S/PDIF audio, as well as a HDMI output. HAI 100 4K includes several features easily integrated as control of adjustable gain for input analog audio, EDID Minder to optimize and simplify the integration of sources and display, as well as equalization of cable devices HDMI input.

EDID Minder is a technology of Extron which automatically manages the EDID communication between the display device and the input source, ensuring that the correct video formats are reliably. Input HDMI cable Equalizer compensates for weak source signals and the loss of the signal produced using long input cables.

Front panel LEDs offer a complete view of the status of the device in real time, including the presence of signal I/O HDMI and HDCP authentication. A USB port on the front panel provides access to the configuration of the device. In addition, you can configure using the PCS (Product Configuration Software) with an easy to use GUI that he facilitates navigation. This application streamlines the setting and allows you to configure multiple HAI 100 4K drives in the same session.

HAI 100 4K is housed in a compact 2.5 cm high metal casing and a quarter-rack width. Dimensions that simplify installation in a wide variety of applications.

"HAI 100 4K is an essential component in many applications AV. Integrators often need to implement audio into an HDMI signal and with migration to systems that support 4 K, this product is an ideal complement,"says Casey Hall, Vice President of sales and Marketing for Extron.

This versatile solution of Extron is suitable for applications that require a sound system embedded in a video signal HDMI, supporting systems that depend on HDMI for signal distribution.

In addition, to compensate the signal loss through long cables, HDMI input signals are equalized to 15 meters in 4 K or 30 meters in 1080 p/60 when using Extron HDMI Pro cable next to the device.

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By • 5 Feb, 2016
• Section: Audio, Display, signs distribution