IPTV, digital signage and video streaming solutions provider has left patent in the recent 2016 Edition of ISE differential solutions, based on software, that elements as detailed Carlos Amorós, manager director of Tripleplay Europe, "we have become a benchmark of large European customers in sports stadiums, education, hospitality and corporate".

TriplePlay ISE2016 Carlos Amorós

So detailed it in the accompanying video made in IF 2016 Carlos Amorós, manager director of TriplePlay Europe: “llevamos más de quince años trabajando en estos mercados, con la ventaja competitiva de que, con una única inversión, nuestros clientes pueden cubrir diferentes necesidades que normalmente requieren de varias soluciones”.

Tripleplay ISE2016Precisamente la concepción de sus soluciones basadas en software es uno de los diferenciales de la compañía, “con una gestión muy sencilla diseñada para personas que tienen necesidades de negocio y no de formación tecnológica, con una amplia red de partners certificados que ofrecen el mejor soporte de manera rápida”, subraya este directivo.

Tripleplay ISE2016In addition to the new proposal of Tripleplay in encoders with video players that support 4 K presented in the contest, "which rely on software allows us to incorporate the best hardware on the market and that the video resolution is never a problem for us" Amoros analyzes the evolution of its IPTV system, Star one of its products, from that arose to market 12 years ago and is one of the most accepted and recognized by the customers.

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By • 1 Mar, 2016
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