The lighting in the cloud management platform has been the solution used in these iconic Spanish buildings, since it allows the remote management infrastructure, both for its maintenance as to solve any incidence or to create light shows dynamic.

Philips Lighting Tower Cepsa

The connected lighting Led cloud-based technology of Philips Lighting It has been used to shed light on one of the highest Spanish buildings, the Cepsa Madrid Tower, and the historic bath de la Cava de Toledo.

The system ActiveSite, a management platform of the lighting in the cloud that allows the architectural lighting of Philips Color Kinetics to be monitored, managed and programmed from any part of the world has been incorporated in these facilities. It has its application in light shows and all kinds of iconic monuments. In addition, the Spanish project this solution has also been applied in The Bay Bridge in San Francisco and the building Munich Allianz Arena.

Philips Lighting Tower CepsaThe Cepsa Tower, the second tallest building in the Spanish capital, has a Led lighting system made up of more than 2,500 projectors Philips Color Kinetics ColorBlast Powercore. With saturated colors and innovative controls, the Spanish headquarters of the energy company, can dominate the night skyline with light shows that reflect their brand or dates, and special events.

The lighting, by Magic Monkey, design incorporates the ActiveSite platform, which continuously monitors the operation of the system. This means that they can send teams of maintenance to the exact location to deal with it, ensuring its position and the brand image of Cepsa.

"Our head office lighting is presented as a communication tool, through which we bring some of our initiatives to all residents and visitors to the Spanish capital" says Jonathan Keeling, director of image, advertising and Sponsorships.

Philips Lighting Bathroom from the Cava Toledo

Bathroom of the Cava in Toledo

The bathroom of the Cava is a monument of the 12th century, located in the ruins of an old medieval 12th century Toledo bridge is equipped with a light infrastructure which aims, on the one hand, to enhance this area of the city and give continuity , and, on the other, make attractive evening stroll in that area and revert back to the citizen. With the new project, the monument becomes relevant with the lighting effects designed to enhance your beauty and promote tourism.

The City Council opted for Color Kinetics lighting with the ActiveSite platform system to create a nocturnal presence of the monument. New lighting has the ability to create dynamic light shows for special occasions, all with the possibility of changing it from remote locations. Authorized users can access and manage your system remotely in real time using a mobile device.

The software also lets users schedule shows in advance for parties and special events, and even react in real time to local and global events.

This medieval monument has illuminated by spotlights of RGB Leds that allow any combination of color, located on columns on the outside. In addition, contrast projectors have been installed inside. This way illuminates the outside inside in tones and warm white amber, tones that can be modified at any time.

In the face of the Tower installed a special projector to generate images that can be seen from Paseo de Recaredo and it has also illuminated the nearby stretch of the wall, with street lighting in the surrounding area.

Philips Lighting Tower Cepsa

Remote management in the cloud

Philips ActiveSite is a service platform based on the cloud, which allows access to the facilities from wherever there is an Internet connection, even from mobile devices or tablets. There is a minimal investment in hardware and software costs that allow updates with corrections of errors and new features, eliminating many of the challenges and costs associated with the management of the lighting systems.

The system also gives access in remote to all authorized those who can program the content and launch it from anywhere in the world. Authorized users can operate multiple lighting installations from a single control panel, where set up notification of anomalies email alerts in the system or perform data analysis for the historical performance of the System.

This also allows users to determine the exact location of a problem, such as damage to electrical circuits, and send to the maintenance personnel to address the incidence.

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