It's a proposal of Movistar and Onthespot which facilitates the creation of promotional campaigns, and allows you to analyse the results in terms of influx of customers and profile, as well as improve the positioning of the brand in the social media with shares of direct communication.

Movistar Onthespot Spotwifi

Spotwifi is a service, which have been developed Movistar Y Onthespotwhich allows small and medium-sized enterprises create a differential shopping experience offering WiFi access in schools and developing customized marketing campaigns.

Movistar Onthespot SpotwifiThis solution facilitates the creation of localized promotional campaigns: concrete actions that reach the client to connect to the WiFi network at the point of sale.

Campaigns can be customized and set time quickly through a web portal. It also enables analysis of the results to give the company a complete view about the influx of customers and their profile.

The Spotwifi service is easily installed with a WiFi antenna and is configured from a web portal, that offers a global vision: resources and secure public access by customers, design and creation of campaigns number of users that are connected, etc. In addition, improves the positioning of SMEs in social networks with direct communication actions that give greater visibility to the brand.

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By • 11 Mar, 2016
• Section: Digital signage, signs distribution, dynamic Advertising