While the Pla4 support has been designed for use with equipment from between 85 and 98 inches and up to 130 kilos of weight; the Pla3 is ideal for displays up to 90 Kilos.

Unicol Pla3 and Pla4

The wholesaler of professional solutions for the audiovisual and digital signage market, Techex, has announced the availability of the new articulated wall mounts Pla3 and Pla4 Unicol.

Unicol Pla4The new double articulated stand for large screens Pla4 offers push-pull functionality and has been designed for equipment up to 130 kilos with a diagonal size of 85 to 98 Inch (to Vesa 900×400). This bracket includes a spring closure that keeps it in a closed position, while the opening is done through a cable.

Once opened the support extends to 500 mm and closed has a depth of 120 Mm. It also allows lateral movement from left to right.

On the other hand, Pla3 stand, is designed for screens up to 90 kilos and allows an extension of up to 52 cm and a depth, once closed from 157 Mm (without the PLX3 iron). Same as PLA4, this support allows rotation and tilt movement.

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by • 14 sea, 2016
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