HD images provided by Roadster HD20K projectors-J have had a starring role in the opera Fidelio, Which is represented for a month, creating spectacular 3D effects through a mix of audiovisual and reality that immerses the viewer in the work itself.

Christie at the Teatro Real

Audiovisual technology has entered strongly in the scenic surroundings, displacing large scenic elements previously fulfilled a key role in the opera. This has been seen Teatro Real Madrid, known for its requirement in the use of innovative technologies, which this year has acquired three projectors Christie Roadster HD20K-J for use in productions that are represented in their spaces.

The Royal Theater is the center of Madrid Opera and today one of the most important in the world, hosting on its stage the best lyrical and scenic artists. It was opened in 1850 and offers 180 opera and ballet season.

“Históricamente, la ópera se ha caracterizado por tener producciones con grandísimos decorados corpóreos y grandes iluminaciones. Era verdaderamente magnífico el gran volumen de materiales que se movía en las escenografías. Pero en la actualidad, con la irrupción de los medios audiovisuales, estamos viendo que cada día más esas escenografías han pasado a ser virtuales. Es decir que con la imagen conseguimos casi el mismo efecto corpóreo que antes venía en nueve camiones”, comenta Fernando Valiente, jefe de Audiovisuales del Teatro Real.

"This suggested to us that would be very positive to make an investment in high performance projectors in order to have covered the increased demand for audiovisual we know that will come in the future and will allow us to provide a higher quality service to all productions" F. Valiente continued explaining.

Christie at the Teatro Real

To this end, the Teatro Real summoned three major brands of inviting industry to undertake demonstrations of their equipment in the range of 20,000 lumens. "The test was done in the theater itself with the same signs and lighting conditions for all, and Christie proved the most reliable, robust and versatile equipment," recalls Juan José Pérez, consultant Project Charmex, Christie's partner who was in charge of the operation through the distributor List.

"The Christie projectors were the most muscle had and showed a lot of reliability and robustness of operation, with simple and easy software to handle and with adjusted volume, which was very important because of the small size of our cabin" corroborates Fernando Valiente.

Theater Christie Roadster HD20K acquired three-J, 3DLP projector technology, HD 1920 × 1080 resolution and 20,000 lumens. Teams have been used in various functions throughout the year, but just had a starring role in the opera Fidelio (The one composed by Beethoven), which was staged at the theater for almost a month.

Christie at the Teatro Real

It is a production from the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía (Opera House Valencia) set in a prison on the outskirts of Seville and has a complex stage design, full of symbolism, stripped of ornamental scenic elements and which the audiovisual support is critical to enhance different aspects of a frame enclosing itself several frames.

HD projections are one of the strengths of this production, creating spectacular 3D effects through a mix of audiovisual and reality that immerses the viewer in the work itself.

To make this possible were performed on stage two simultaneous screenings of animations Christie Roadster HD20K 4-J. The theater rented the room projector Cast company. Two projectors arranged in a dual projection booth at a shooting distance of 25 meters, a front projection performed consistently over a semitransparent tulle.

Christie at the Teatro Real

The other two Roadster, also mounted on a dual carra installed behind the stage, back projection on four screens were placed at different levels shooting at a distance of between 13 and 22 meters.

This created a double projection superimposing images corporal scenery, a game between the physical and the virtual that endowed them with a great depth to the stage and thus achieved the three-dimensional effect.

The aspect ratio was 16: 9 and went cropeando image depending on screen sizes. The largest was 17 × 9.30 meters and the smallest of about 16 meters wide. The HD 1080i resolution was used.

"The truth is that to us, we have much experience with stagings using videos, we have impressed us so well done that is the 3D effect achieved with the combination of the rear and front projection. In fact, there is a magical moment in which different elements of the scenery out virtually the stage into the audience making the viewer hold back in his chair, something really surprising, "Valiente added.

Christie at the Teatro Real

ILS sistema inteligente slow

In the rear projection Fidelio highlights the ILS intelligent lens system of the Roadster, the images are automatically adjusted to the size of the screen and maintains alignment applications with movable screens of different aspect ratios.

"The ILS allowed us to automatically adjust the focus and zoom into each of the four rear projection screens. This is very important when you work on dual because changing the projection surface settings are lost and if you do not have the ILS, you have to make adjustments manually, with all the complications that entails, "says the head of Audiovisual Theater Real.

Christie at the Teatro Real

ILS Christie projectors solved the problem arose in other theaters where previously represented the work, which had to physically move the carra with spotlights whenever there was a change screen.

To manage projections FidelioThe Royal Theater used the Watchout system Dataton. Video signals to projectors were sent through fiber optic cables. EDID emulator was also used to Extron to automatically manage the communication protocol between connected devices and a converter AJA DVI to HDSDI of which is the sign of internal transport in the theater.

It's been a while since Christie projectors are working in the theater and feelings of its Audiovisual Department could not be better. "The truth is we are having a very positive experience with teams, we have been delighted with the support provided by Christie and Charmex service and we hope that in the future we can go expanding our park with Christie projectors," says Fernando Valiente.

Video Christie Royal Theater

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