The heart of the TraumWerk Museum is a large model of train of 400 m² where landscapes, environment, and even the weather and lighting conditions are recreated through 30 projectors of phosphorus laser DWU555-GS and 39 media players Pandora Box. Coolux Widget Designer is used to control computers, contents as well as the different effects. A spectacle that culminates with two minutes of mapping.

Christie TraumWerk

Nestled in the Alpine surroundings of Berchtesgaden, the Museum TraumWerk It invites fans to the toy and the nostalgic of models of trains to a very special trip. In 5,500 m² of exhibition space the old dream of Peter Porsche becomes reality: show the public his collection of toys. The sample presents historical objects of brass, steam machines, automobile oddities and a railway model of the 21st century.

"Traumwerk is the realization of an old dream of Hans-Peter Porsche. We offer our visitors a fascinating universe and an impressive spectacle that combines a traditional railway model with a 360° projection mapping on the walls of the Fund and own model landscape elements", comentaFelix Schwenk, Director of the project of the Hans-Peter Porsche TraumWerk.

By the model of 400 m² which occupies the heart of the TraumWerk traveling more than one hundred trains along a traditional alpine landscape populated by miniatures of people, buildings and landscape elements, which come to life thanks to the projection of images.

Christie TraumWerk

These images go beyond the surface of the large table, creating one world that is much greater than the landscape, recreated in the mockup convoys miniature crossing amid views of meadows, mountains and majestic waterfalls.

Projection technology allows showing the landscape and make very subtle changes in miniature constructions to trains that pass: the landscape changes from day to night, and the same makes the recreated environment and houses, office blocks, churches or sports venues. A loop of about twenty minutes simulate day and night scenes and all kinds of weather, culminating with a mapping of two minutes show.

The concepts of design and technology of this world of the toy are the work of the visual design team of Pfadfinderei. Planning and installation of Museum media technology, which includes the GS series of Christiehas been responsible Burmester Event & Medientechnik, a company specializing in interactive systems has been responsible for scanning and create 3D objects and UV maps, the warping of 3D, the programming of the files of the show and the media controls.

Thirty projectors DWU555-GS phosphor laser are used to support the work of mapping, resorting to the Widget Designer of Coolux to control projectors from Christie and the lighting and sound effects, as well as the reproduction of the content, managed with the modular processing of video, playback and control Pandoras Box System.

Christie TraumWerk

The creative team of this world in miniature had a period of four months, from planning to final implementation. Nik Burmester, CEO of Event & Medientechnik Burmester, count it as well. "The relative brevity of the custom made difficult the creation of a technical concept that disappears not exhibits, at the same time, serve a variety of uses that would need and is blown with the environment of the Museum."

It was also important technology was safe and that, despite prolonged operating times, you need not an exhaustive maintenance, a crucial aspect for projectors. "We opted for the Christie DWU555-GS does not require bulb or filter changes and guarantees some 20,000 hours of operation," explains Burmester.

The GS series of Christie models incorporate RealBlack, a technology that enables them to provide some optimal contrasts and black out when this function is activated, the entry of light is equal to zero. Other reasons that explain the choice of this solution are its compact size, low energy consumption and the white design on the cover that facilitates the integration of the projector in the space.

Christie TraumWerk

To carry out the planning and implementation it was essential that the representation of space and landscape 3D had the maximum precision. We used new scanning technologies and software tools to go testing and evaluating different assemblies project aimed to respond to the needs and constraints.

Al final se optó por crear objetos 3D y mapas UV de la superficie de la maqueta y del paisaje para proyectar sobre ellos. “Para la maqueta 3D final necesitábamos condensar, en un solo archivo, una enorme cantidad de datos (en torno a 2TB, capturando 500.000.000 de puntos de escaneo) y varios formatos de datos”, comenta Burmester. Un requisito fundamental era que las dimensiones de la maqueta no ocasionaran una pérdida significativa de datos.

To create the mapping had to scan all of the landscape: each and every one of the buildings and landscape features, in an area of approximately 550 m², which was to add the walls in the background. "To do this we use the test images that we had generated to produce UV maps and pour them over the corresponding 3D objects, then adjusting them to the actual 3D geometry," continues Burmester.

Christie TraumWerk

A total of 39 Pandoras Box were deployed to manage the content. Projectors and playback devices are controlled by Coolux Widget Designer Pro, through a three-way interface continuously indicating the status.

"We were looking for a user-friendly, efficient operation control solution and to also provide power on the Lan and on/off functions and source in the projector selection functions," stresses Burmester, explaining that, in addition to all that, was it needed to connect to the emergency system shutdown using a relay, through Coolux Sensor Link switch. Also, two managers were mounted range STD Pandoras Box to equip all synchronized show control playback devices.

Además de todo lo anterior, la exposición incorpora varios elementos interactivos, con contenido tecnológico creado por Pfadfinderei, para que el visitante se sienta como si viajara en el interior de un vagón de tren o que conduce una locomotora. Tres displays LCD Christie FHD651-T de 65 pulgadas con superficies táctiles intuitivas permiten a los visitantes acceder a información pormenorizada de cada uno de los trenes que discurren por el paisaje de la maqueta.

Equipo utilizado:

Christie TraumWerk

  • 30 Christie DWU555-GS
  • 39 Pandoras Box Player
  • 2 Coolux Media Manager
  • 1 Coolux Widget Designer
  • 3 Christie FHD651-T
  • 1 Christie FHD651-P
  • 1 Christie Quad HD84

Christie TraumWerk

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