For the first time, the festival comes to the capital in the hands of its MarketLab which will be exhibited a selection of Spanish of creatividad y Tecnología more innovative projects, which will dominate the musical technology, virtual reality, 3D printing, science citizen, live coding, collective experimentation and open source.

Sonar+D MarketLab

Friday, May 13, Sonar+dthe International Congress of creative technologies and Digital culture, held in parallel to the festival Sónar in Barcelona, will show a selection of projects of companies, laboratories of creation and scientific research centres in Spain in Madrid most innovative. Initiatives that may be exposed in the ship Boetticher.

The presence of sonar+d in Madrid is part of the program of Imperdible_01, a seminar on technology, creativity, experimentation, art and music organized by the Cotec Foundation.

Makeroni Eye of HorusTwelve booths and multiple shows, sonar+d will present in its MarketLab projects of musical technology, virtual reality, 3D printing, citizen science, live coding, collective experimentation and open source.

MarketLab is a space showing the projects developed by Creative Labs, medialabs, universities and companies. A place that allows you to test solutions that explore new forms of creation, production and marketing, and where there are initiatives and tools that will shape creative experiences of the future.

It's an environment that encourages direct interaction between creators and different audiences as investors, artists, technologists and public in general.

Virtual philosophyAmong the initiatives that will be of the Zaragoza Makeroni, creators of Eye of Horus glasses, recently awarded by NASA, with which it is possible to move objects without touching them.

It combines machine vision and imaging technologies to recognize the position of the pupils and the object which is headed will look. They also displayed the helmet called Mental fridge, that allows a machine to deliver a drink by the concentration of the user.

Digital manufacturing will be present with MediaLab Prado, which will bring the prosthesis of an electric hand for children developed collaboratively and under open source; Makespace Madrid, showing as first 3D food printer; and Ultralab which will come with two sound installations where the public can visit electronic textiles and electricity conductive ink.

Virtual reality comes with the Future Light House Studio that will present an immersive experience on the evolution of the language, inspired by the Indians Hopi people who did not have the concept of tomorrow.

SonarD Madrid

In music technology, emphasizes the 3D sound and the binaural will experience with the installation of Eurecat, platform Zynthian for the synthesis of sound with free software and hardware, and Oval, the digital version of the Hang, a disruptive musical instrument. In addition, the technology company Conductr, will present thread, its collaboration with the Barcelona group Cabosanro, which explores the relationship between music and technology through an app that allows the public to interact with a curious instrument created by the Catalan.

Citizen science will have their space with Scifabric which will showcase projects such as Micropasts, which helped to recover a vast collection of archaeological finds from the bronze age; Barcelona Supercomputing Center, with an interactive display of 20th-century music, and the social experiment We Know what You Did Last Sónar, that analyzes the movement of participants.

Moreover, the Foundation Ibercivis carry out Collective Music Experiment, which will allow the public create songs and gather data on the behaviour of the network and creativity.

SonarD Madrid

The Enlightment: the light sound

At the same time, it will celebrate the technological show The Enlightment, a concert focused on the sound of the light of the Italian duo Quiet Ensemble, where the instruments of an orchestra are replaced by lamps of different sizes and shapes.

The neon lights replace violins, percussion strobe lights and theatrical foci to the clarinets. Through copper cables, artists will extract the sound of electric current and will give voice to all lighting elements. A sound processed in time real. The result is an explosion of flashes blue, green and yellow with the zoom family of light, amplified into music.

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By • 25 Apr, 2016
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