With the aim of technologically renewing and giving new uses to its auditorium, those responsible for this Madrid skyscraper have entrusted the supply, equipment, audio system integration and execution, video and lighting to these audiovisual specialists.

Cepsa Tower TBA Earpro Auditorium

The Cepsa Tower, one of the tallest buildings in Spain, with 249 meters high, 56.000 square meters of office and 116.000 built meters, is one of the emblematic buildings that make up the 'skyline' of Madrid along with the other three towers that are also located in the business district of the capital

Designed by Norman Foster, has an auditorium in which the audiovisual integrator Tower TBA has carried out the installation project of the audio systems, video and lighting, in which Earpro has collaborated.

Cepsa Tower TBA Earpro Auditorium

The project has been developed according to the new requirements that its managers wanted to give to the auditorium, as the previous installation had become obsolete, such as increased possibilities of using the space for product presentations, press conferences and round tables, concerts and television set.

With these premises and taking into account the architectural characteristics of the space and its capacity (approximately 250 Seats), Tower TBA has developed a comprehensive project, with the collaboration of Earpro, which includes a new sound system, lighting and video capture compatible broadcast.Cepsa Tower TBA Earpro Auditorium

Lighting system

To adapt to the new uses of the auditorium, a lighting system composed of moving heads and fresnel-type Led projectors was chosen. The set of elements allows to adapt the lighting to the different events, without having to access to manipulate the projectors or having to raise and lower the support structures of the same.

Front lighting is based on moving heads of Martin, as Viper Performance (that with its blades allow to cut the light adapting to each need) and Quantum Profile, as well as in fixed Led projectors type fresnel ACME TS-150.

Cepsa Tower TBA Earpro AuditoriumThis lighting system has been installed in a transverse truss, located on the fourth row of seats in the auditorium, so that it covers the entire surface of the stage in its different applications.

In addition, the lighting has been completed with lateral structures, located on both sides of the stage and located at the height of the second row of seats, with the installation of Martin Quantum Profile moving heads and fixed Led projectors type fresnel ACME TS-150. For the rear or 'counter' lighting, Mac Aura XB and MH-1 moving heads were chosen, also from this manufacturer.

The lighting control is based on a Martin M2Go system for its high performance and ease of use, with presets recorded depending on the different configurations of the space, for which a training seminar was given to control operators.

Audio system

Cepsa Tower TBA Earpro AuditoriumThe new sound system of the auditorium counts as the main system of two line-array sets of constant curvature of the firm JBL, each composed of four vrX928LA range all-loudspeakers and two VRX915S subwoofers, amplified with stages Crown XTI4002. To ensure proper hearing in the first rows of seats in the central-front area, two compact JBL AC side-fills have been installed. 2895, also amplified by a Crown XTI2002 stage.

The part corresponding to mixing and processing of microphone signals has been solved with a digital automatic mixing system Shure SCM-820 Dante, ensuring optimal sound quality and voice intelligibility with minimal operator intervention.

The DSP process and signal routing is done with a system Bss London BLU-806 Dante. To manage diverse signals, a digital mixing desk has been incorporated Soundcraft Performer 2, equipped with an MSB stage-box, also from this manufacturer, to facilitate in-out connectivity on stage. The main signal transport architecture is made in Dante digital format.

In the microphone section, Microflex wireless units and also wireless systems of the ULX-D model of the Firm Shure have been installed.

Cepsa Tower TBA Earpro Auditorium

Video system

The auditorium has three state-of-the-art motorized FHD cameras Panasonic AW-HE130K, and with two portable cameras of the ag-AC160A model, also from this provider. The camera control is carried out by means of an AW-RP50E desk and an HMX100 multi-window mixer from this manufacturer.

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