With this transaction, the Italian wholesale strengthens its offer telephony and customer base, as well as acquiring the business of IT value Vinzeo, as the distribution agreement Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, and data center to complement its existing business Spain.

Jose Maria Garcia y de Alessandro Cattani, Esprinet

Esprinet He has completed the acquisition of IT distributor and mobile devices, Vinzeo Technologies. With this transaction, along with the purchase of the Italian company EDSlan value, proforma 2015 revenues of the Group amounted to 3.3 trillion euros.

Vinzeo maintains important distribution contracts in the ICT market volume, with HP, Samsung, Acer, Asus, Toshiba and Lenovo- and market value, mainly with Hewlett-Packard Enterprise. Since 2009, he has been a distributor of Apple products, including iPhones (since 2014) and Apple Watch (since 2015).

Aniversario Cash Carry Esprinet VIllageThe scope of the transaction includes only the activities of wholesale distribution and accordingly, according Management, the pro accounts show sales of around 584.4 million euros and EBITDA reported 7.5 million.

With this transaction, Esprinet strengthens its offer telephony, customer base and acquires IT business value Vinzeo, as the distribution agreement Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and data center contracts to complement its existing business in Spain.

The company hopes to generate significant synergies from this transaction mainly due to the fact doubling the scale of its Spanish operations.

Esprinet, which has recently entered the Portuguese market, has carried out a strategy that focuses on ICT distribution business to business, aiming to achieve leadership in each country where the Group operates. In late September will present to the financial community a business plan for the coming years, in order to share the financial objectives and future development plans.

As it announced in the agreement signed by Esprinet with the IBV Corporation (formed by BBVA and Iberdrola), which was passed by Digital AV MagazineThis transaction, valued at 57.6 million, 74 million euros including all expenses, only includes the activities of wholesale distribution. Both companies operate independently and management teams with María García as CEO of Esprinet Iberica, and Javier Bilbao in Vinzeo will remain.

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By • 4 Jul, 2016
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