Using robotics representation of a biological finger, 5G technology transmits the surgeon's sense of touch during operation, controlled and monitored by software defined networks.

Ericsson 5G Kings Collage surgery

During the recent celebration of the event 5G World 2016At the end of last June at the Olympia in London, Ericsson and the King’s College They conducted a demonstration of touch 5G with robotic surgery representation of a biological finger.

This catheter or robotic finger gives the surgeon the tactile sense and allows it to detect accurate and real-time location of hard nodules in soft tissue in a minimally invasive procedure, and identify cancerous tissue and send the surgeon information as response haptic.

Ericsson 5G Kings Collage surgery

The Ericsson stand at this event, visitors could experience latency 5G to control movements of the robotic finger with a haptic glove. Once this catheter detects the hard tissue in the simulation, na haptic signal returns to the device of the user, as well as having contact with what is happening thanks to the close of a replica of soft tissue.

This demonstration of touch surgery 5G remote is made possible by networking software-defined, configured to provide the required quality of service using fractionation of network from end to end, one of the new concepts of the 5 G.

Ericsson 5G Kings Collage surgeryAs pointed out by Valter D'Avino, director of Ericsson for Western and Central Europe, "through this demonstration of simulation 5 G put that latency is a critical part of what 5 G can offer, transmitting the sense of touch as one" video signal in real time of surgery in remote".

Professor Mischa Dohler, head of the Center for Research in Telecommunications IT department of King's College London, said for his part that "the ability to develop advanced remote managed 5G and minimally invasive surgery; the number of applications increases and the benefits are no longer limited geographically. 5G allows control and diagnostics scalability and global intervention. "

Ericsson 5G World2016

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By • Jul 5, 2016
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